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Have you ever wanted a chat room filled with trekkies? Do you like to collect pixelated Star Trek characters? Is experiencing Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade on your bucket list? If you answered yes to any of these than this is the game for you!

In actuality, the game starts as an interactive episode of Star Trek whose premise is that there is an anomoly causing all sorts of timeline disruptions. Your crew is an assortment of Star Trek characters from the pre-JJ Abrams era (thus far). You send your crew to various locations to investigate the cause of the anomoly and deal with some of the ensuing chaos that various timelines interacting causes. The more missions you do, the stronger your crew gets and you unlock more equipment, ships, and characters.

So at first you try and progress through the episodes and follow the story which is subtly entertaining. Very much like an interactive semi-cannon Star Trek book. Later as you progress, you will see that there is more to the game such as pvp ship battles, a characer vs character gauntlet, competitive events and even a chance to spin the Dabo wheel for fabulous prizes such as powerful crew and equipment. However, much like the real thing, its mostly rigged by Ferengis.

All those things are entertaining in its own right but after a while of having to grind it'll diminish your enjoyment of the game. The equipment grind goes from mildly annoying to down right infuriating at times. This game requires a lot of patience.

The thing that will ultimately determine whether you stick after completing the episodes long term mostly likely is how intertwined you're willing to be with the community at large. The in game component for interacting is the chat room. The room skews older but like any gathering of people online, can turn political or inappropiate at times. Exercsing your mute button regularly will keep you from any unwanted frustration.

The forums are a great place to discuss the game and show in general. Also, once your crew is strong enough, you'll want to join and corrdinate with a fleet so that you'll maximize your ability to compete in the game-wide events. You can get great items participating in the events. However, if you seek to be among the very best in the events, you'll have to reach into your wallet.

While not needed , the game makes it VERY enticing to want to use money. The ingame money, dilithium, enables purchasing crew packs, additional Dabo spins, shuttles, ships and more. Most, including myself, suggest the $4 montly card to make the game much more enjoyable but again, its not needed, just desirable.

Tl;dr version

Doing episodes: Mostly fun

Ship battles: Diminishing amounts of fun

The equipment Grind: Mildly annoying - annoying as f***

Dabo: Fun but almost never win top prizes

Gauntlet: Completely random chance of winning or losing

Monthly Card: Dont need but makes game funner

Events: Good items for participating but takes money to be top dog

Other players: Nerds, dweebs, dorks, geeks and trolls

-Homeless McCoy
Posted July 15, 2017.
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It's a solid deal when you want to get enough gold for a one month license. The loytalty bonus helps because it seems I could never have enough loyalty vouchers to do what I want.

The other real benefit from this pack is the understated additional trophy serach attempt. If you plan to play the game long term, the additional trophy search helps lower the grind. Over time that's a lot of additional credits, modules, iridium, premium ship parts , potential neodium and berylium.
Posted July 4, 2016.
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The bundle is only really worth it's price when on sale for 50% off. I got it primarily for the 25,000 galatic standards. However you actually also save a lot of credits not having to pay to increase the size of your warehouse, so that's nice. Bonuses for the synergy and loytaly vouchers plus extra fleet strenght means less grind. I've learned that the premium ships are better to use if you wanna grind out some synergy because they give 20%free synergy and extra income plus they are a lil more OP than the standard ships.

The stickers can't be removed so make sure you think carefully before applying.

To maximize your galatic standards you should wait for sales which pop up frequently. Stuff like the spatial scanner go on sale for 50% off, same thing with destroyer part bundles, premium ships and synergy transfers so be patient.

Only major letdown on this is I really wish it came with a premium license given most other ships for sale provide you with several days of premium license.

Don't forget to apply your new title of Elite pilot that the bundle provides!!!
Posted June 30, 2016.
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Early Access Review
This game is freakin awesome. It's free, no pay 2 win elements at all and has something for both noobies and seasonsed veterans. It's like a free Super Smash Bros. Get it already.
Posted May 7, 2016.
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Solid space dogfighting game. Fun for awhile though can become grindy once you try to get the higher level ships. Considering it's F2P it's worth trying. Plus, obligatory friend code so you can get extra loot: 144D848CDB4E05151E2EDA42F82171E1 (I also get some extra loot for referring you so yea)
Posted April 21, 2016.
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If you're a very tedious person who loves games to really challenge you this game is for you. However if you're more like me and like it to be challenging but still not having to do a level well over a hundred times, then this game isn't for you. It looks cool and the soundtrack is great but I just dont have that kind of time to be that anal.
Posted January 7, 2016.
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Talk about bang for your buck, this game is pretty freakin awesome. At first I thought, well it's a cheap Minecraft knockoff. Now after all the patches and updates I think it is far deeper than Minecraft and has its own fun angle. You'll never be stuck talking to some generic and ugly looking villigers when you got more realistic looking people moving in to your place; a touch that makes you feel like you're building for a community instead of being alone.
Posted August 12, 2015.
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Overpriced heros and costumes. Marvel really screwed this one up.
Posted March 16, 2014.
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Early Access Review
I wanted to like this game a lot. The developers have pushed a lot of updates out and its a lot less buggy. It just isn't that fun. It is a good simulator if that's what you're interested in, but I wish it had an arcade mode or more funner maps.
Posted March 2, 2014. Last edited December 23, 2015.
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I mildly recommend this game as it's pretty cheap to get and has some entertainment value. Even though for $.99 you get what you paid for. Has some decent challenging levels and has its fun moments. That being said, does it really need to pop out the title every time you win or lose a level and that happens every 30 seconds. Even someone with advanced alzehimers wouldn't forget which game he was playing. McPixel!

I love pixelness but I am still wishing the pixelness was slightly clearer and that the music would vary more. Also some of the level solutions are just SO dumb..like oh i have to pee in the ground first. And for kicks, you can always kick someone in the balls. There will be alot of kicking people in the balls and sexually pleasing animals. McPixel!
Posted January 1, 2014.
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