Noobasaurus Rex
micheal willamson   Humble, Texas, United States
I am Talos and chuck Norris's illegitimate son. Coveted by the 9 Divines themselves and worshiped as a god by mere mortals
Bow before my power

People ask me, What do I do?
I Am the Slayer of the wicked, the killer of bandits, the stopper of demons, the protector of the innocent and the savior of beautiful blonde woman.
If you die by my hands, feel honor that I choose you as a worthy target, if Life smiles at you, despite my hand, then feel honor that I decided you were worthy of life

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Jettman101 Feb 22, 2017 @ 1:45pm 
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1) Highlight the numbers.

2) Press Ctrl + F.

3) Then press 9 once