Slightly Smiling Face
Boris   Russian Federation
A yellow face with simple, open eyes and a thin, closed smile. Conveys a wide range of positive, happy, and friendly sentiments. Its tone can also be patronizing, passive-aggressive, or ironic, as if saying "This is fine" when it’s really not.

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Slightly Smiling Face Jul 22 @ 4:21am 
Спасибо, Зайка!
♥ Russian Whore ♥ Jul 22 @ 3:42am 
+ rep toxic :hcs_nora:
Slightly Smiling Face Apr 14 @ 7:31am 
g4nza Apr 13 @ 8:27am 
Amazing new strange part ideas on the workshop. Would enjoy to see more ideas! :er_wave:
Hedgehog [⇄] Apr 1 @ 5:23am 
I tele-killed him then he went '♥♥♥♥♥♥ i had heads' and rage quit AHAHAHAHAHA
☆Venganza Mar 9 @ 4:03am 
Побольше бы таких людей)