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9:20 PM - Grom: and together with their hotheaded friend raggd and the simple yet well-meaning solont they must set out to save the world from the dark lord hoogs
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7:38 PM - Ricky: yes, I deserved to have the one sensitive detail of my life that I actually give a shit about and have someone parade it around and mock the shit out of it
7:39 PM - Ricky: I understand that you lead a life that leaves you so dearth of attention and love that you must resort to angering others for the sake of your own humor and sanity, but find another victim.

3:28 PM - Slonsta: i hope ur sister dies and people make fun of her
3:29 PM - Slonsta: for edgy memes cos their childhood was so broken and pseudo emotionally abusive that they dont know how to function like amicable human beings so they mask their pain with shitty memes

3:24 PM - Slonsta: why didnt hogs' family flush him down the toilet
3:24 PM - Slonsta: what a collosal mistake

9:17 PM - The Whole Salad Think Tank™: lookin sexy in ur new dp
9:18 PM - The Whole Salad Think Tank™: and when i say sexy i mean u look like u smell like leather and socks
9:20 PM - The Whole Salad Think Tank™: LOL y are u so butthurt
9:20 PM - The Whole Salad Think Tank™: omg slont was mean to me :( lets show every1 his mean quote and it will seem like im memeing
9:20 PM - The Whole Salad Think Tank™: ur the lamest kid ive ever met i swear

2:52 PM - Slont: he missed out the part
2:52 PM - Slont: where he started the conversations by calling me a pedophile lol
2:53 PM - Slont: if he wants to play the innocent child being bullied by me he can go right ahead
2:53 PM - Slont: not gonna change my mind about letting him play
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big and racist♥♥♥♥♥♥
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little cry baby that cant take a joke bahahaa, dodge lobby unless you what to hear whining all ♥♥♥♥ing game
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:::::::::::are like apples::::::::::::::::
::::::on trees. The best cummies::::
:::::are at the top of the tree.::::::::
:::The daughters dont want to reach:
::for the good ones because they::::
:r afraid of falling and getting sticky.:
:Instead, they get the rotten apples:
from the ground that arent as hard,:
but easy. So the daddys up top think:
something wrong w/ them when in:::
:reality they’re rock hard. They just:::
:::have to wait for the right daughters to::
::::♥♥♥♥♥along, the one who’s:::::::::::::
::::::::::: brave enough to:::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::swallow all:::::::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::the way::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::to the top:::::::::::::::::::::::::::
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this guys a♥♥♥♥♥♥♥troll. stop joining my server and spamming music. i will see you banned for this.