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Hentai (変態 or へんたい) About this sound listen (help·info) English: /ˈhɛntaɪ/ (lit. "pervert") is a word of Japanese origin which is short for (変態性欲, hentai seiyoku); a perverse sexual desire. The original meaning of Hentai in the Japanese language is a transformation or a metamorphosis. The implication of perversion or paraphilia was derived from there. Both meanings can be distinguished in context easily.

In Japanese, the term describes any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act; it does not represent a genre of work. Internationally, hentai is a catch-all term to describe a genre of anime and manga pornography. English adopts and uses hentai as a genre of pornography by the commercial sale and marketing of explicit works under this label.

The word's narrow Japanese-language usage and broad international usage are often incompatible. Weather Report Girl is considered yuri hentai in English usage for its depiction of lesbian sex, but in Japan it is just yuri. The definition clash also appears with the Japanese definition of yuri as any lesbian relationship, as opposed to its sexually explicit definition in English usage.

The act of punching a girl in the stomach during sex. It is a very uncommon fetish. It is said that the punch connects to the uterus and stimulates it from within.

A term used to describe the facial expressions of girls, primarily hentai, who are being ♥♥♥♥♥♥ so hard their mental health has hit rock bottom. Ahegao is usually a combination of expressions of happiness, sadness, disappointment, and futility.

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Didn't send me hentai +rep for sending me yuri pics though
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10/10 we had a date in a hole and not a word was said. he may or may not have died i still dont know
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Any hard incompatibilities?
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