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brozeg. Jul 13 @ 3:33pm 
Kirito Apr 23 @ 7:22pm 
-Rep After a good game in csgo, i added him because he seemed like a cool guy. We got chatting, over the next couple of months we became good friends. Lots of banter, lots of great CS and most importantly true friendship.
I invited him to my house for a csgo lan party. He said he was coming so i was looking forward to meeting him in real life.
When he arrived at my house, he pushed me against the wall and started nibbling my ear, i felt his hard♥♥♥♥♥♥push against my leg. I punched him and then i ran. Turns out he was gay. Don't trust this guy.
Connor Apr 6 @ 11:13pm 
-rep his dick was so big it tore my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ in half
Jame ;) Apr 6 @ 8:52pm 
Coronavirus Pandemic, day 16. If anyone is still out there, I’m alive but struggling. Food is running low. Down to only 459 days worth. My hands are super sanitized and my butt is super clean. Down to 1599 rounds of ammo (dropped 1 round down the heat vent while doing daily inventory). Power still on, but for how long? Missing human interaction but I have my dogs.. for now.. (I'm soaking their food in BBQ sauce in an attempt to marinate them from the inside in case I have to eat them) . I fear dark days ahead. News is all bad. Neighbors have attempted to leap from windows to their death, (or near death... most have single story homes so they are badly bruised). Blew through most Netflix series so may have to rewatch some again..Basic Survival is a definite challenge. I vow to persevere to the end, I am a survivor! Please, if there is life out there, communicate with me to help preserve my sanity..
Connor Aug 8, 2019 @ 3:57pm 
Give this rose to everyone you want to anally devastate:
Scott ;) Jul 27, 2019 @ 4:09am 
How much ♥♥♥♥♥ do you get?