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blizzy (2): el burrito : is that the real blizzy????
blizzy : no
blizzy (2): oh no
Dragonborn.wav: turning into me xd
Dragonborn.wav: thats how it starts
Dragonborn.wav: then you start making videos on how to wave and its all down hill from there
blizzy (2): LOL

Blizz: do it
Blizz: kick a baby in the face

is that the real dragonborn

4:48 AM - blizzy (2): groovy isnt moving radpipe
4:48 AM - blizzy (2): i am

Blizzy: cause i used to sword fight on roblox
Blizzy: and i was in the top clans
Blizzy: i used to teach people how to sword fight
Blizzy: i got to boss them around
Blizzy: my clan was white diamond emperium
Blizzy: every day i would go home
Blizzy: and sword fight
Blizzy: they were like 20-0 in raids
Blizzy: because of me
Blizzy: sword fighting is a skill

Mistail: Hello I want to buy your unusual hat but I want to make sure it's clean first, do you happen to have a trusted friend?
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: My unusual? really? thanks it has an icon that says if its duped or not and you dont need a friend to trade it, so either your retarted or new to trading because to tell if its clean doesn't require a trusted friend, I'm not that stupid. So either you're buying it or your getting off my friendslist.
Mistail: stfu nerd
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: LOL
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: ;)
Mistail is now Offline.

Flow Danglez: Mistail: Hello I want to buy your unusual hat but I want to make sure it's clean first, do you happen to have a trusted friend?
Flow Danglez: hang yourself faggot sent them same thing to dragonporn
Mistail: wat nerd
Mistail is now Offline.
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: LOL
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: LMAO

Smokey: ask exiles his congif lol
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: lmao
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: i want to actually get some money or something on paypall, so if hes like na not giving away my secret settings like he did to paco
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: i can say hey ill give you 20$
[ĐS]Đragoɲþørn°: lol
Smokey: id do it for 20$ tbh
Smokey: or a chessburger, but im easy to please

dragonborn: risk less you gain nothing but gain nothing you risk more, paradox
Radpipe: What
Radpipe: So what if you risk less and gain more?
Radpipe: #TheEasyRoute
dragonborn: lmao
dragonborn: frekt
dragonborn: rekt
Radpipe: FREKT
Radpipe: Freckle rekt
dragonborn: fuckinrekt frekt
dragonborn: o
dragonborn: close enough
Radpipe: ....
dragonborn: damnit you broke the paradox
Radpipe: lol

Fishy | Working On DB: mk
Đragoɲbørn: pulling out the usb
Fishy | Working On DB: sounds wrong
Fishy | Working On DB: but ok
Đragoɲbørn: loooooooooooooool

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