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Monday, 17 December 2018

Both of ur insects are garbage

Doge.exe has stopped working:
THEY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BLOW
i need the paulsen scout
in my life
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HTZ Sep 3 @ 2:00am 
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Dhat ZombieSfakah IV:
i do love the baby dickl
enrith Aug 19 @ 9:11am 
Hi, do u think is worth to go constantly for years for the gym and train hard, if on the end-game/meta im gonna die ?
don don enjoyer -sng Aug 13 @ 2:50am 
silvo Jul 31 @ 11:31am 
I'm a 46 year old dad and I absolutely love playing this with my 13 year old son. Don't get caught up over losing loot to a bunch of zergs, it's just part of the game. Let your kid set the destination, or decide to attack a base, or a ship and just have fun being naked survivalists for an evening. I take the role of a base builder and keep us on our feet, he likes shooting weapons and is an excellent shot.

An awesome game to bond over, and a great way to talk about how to not be a jerk online, how to deal with disappointment, how to work as a team when you make alliances, and how to be a gracious winner. He loves to help new players, will upend a planned evening to help some newbie with starting gear. Great game to play with your kids.
camille Jul 11 @ 9:51am