「Ninomiya Asuka」
Well, I'm an adolescent 14-year-old, so that's kind of normal... - Source
Read below before attempt to do anything to me.
현재 오프라인
About me
Hello everyone. I'm Hinaomi.
I can speak and use English, but not as good as native speaker.

I love japanese anime, manga and songs.
So if you see I change my avatar and name too much.
Because I have many images of anime and manga.

• Randomly friend request will be ignore, unless I know you.
• Randomly comment and/or asking me for trading will be remove without warning, keep doing that will result in blocking

Site that I'm currently working with
Steam Translation Server : Thai language moderator
Modworkshop [modworkshop.net] : Moderator
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ily tho
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You've always been a lovely friend, I couldn't ask for anyone kinder :rne_cb1:
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