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Unlocked Jul 4 @ 2:59pm

Get on the Katmobile

Finished day one
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 5:27am

Wow, they're hypnotic...

Finished day two
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 1:27pm

We've met before, haven't we?

Finished day three
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 4:25am

Down the rabbit hole

Finished day four
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 5:01am

Been there, done that

Finished the game
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 1:25pm


Made your best efforts to miss the funeral
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 2:41pm


Felt like literally taking the wheelchair for a spin
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 2:03pm

Mr. Bear, reporting for duty!

Reunited with a furry friend
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 5:14am

Resting scowly face

Learned a cold hard truth about your face
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 5:43am

Passive smoking

Amplified Goober's lung cancer
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 4:14am

Hooked on Corleys

Became a huge fan of those sweet, addictive, not to mention cancer-inducing sticks of tobacco


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