Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
Chat always muted, since you are prob one of the players below.

When the game is over, I will afk. Until then, enjoy my pixel perfect play.

Greatest hits:
2-11-8 230 gpm pos 3 axe (0 resposibility btw)
30 min midas+misas 1-8-3 Lone Druid (rank 1000 US btw)
0-7-0 dp mid, in a game that was 50-50 until min 25
Last pick Veno vs morph and alch, going for Mana boots, double wraithband and Aghs
4-14 lion tranquils bracer magic stick on 38
281 gpm slardar mid in a 50 minute extremely even game (new world record)
1-14-1 veno offlane (already premuted btw)
39 minutes radiance nullifier naix "we can fight"
8-16-3 OD "put all our resources in AM..."
0-5-3 280 gpm divine 3 Medusa mid (with 0 responsibility btw)
combined 1-10-1 rubick/ursa offlane on min 10 "we asked for help at min 3"
4-14-7 swedish Lion in a complete stomp, with no shame (3 null talismans btw)
6-11-7 330 gpm mid Tiny "do you understand how fucking good I played?"
4-14 pos 3 doom "manners pls"
295 gpm brown boots Kaya invoker mid
1-7-2 talking offlane veno
1-19 pos 4 dazzle "it's not over"
ember mid 50 min linkens travels (+phase boots)
4-21-29 puck "i'm having a bad game"
24 minutes sustainer swedish MK rage buyback >> "we can still win"
0-14-1 bristleback offlane phase boots midas "why didn't you help me"
0-6-0 mirana offlane "why do you lane Lion safe lane this patch" *leaves*
0-8-0 dp mid "sit behind me"
role queue offlane fp spectre "swap me ember for offlane"
1-14-7 Lion pos 4 "hit more creeps"
4-8-7 485 gpm Antimage in an even 40 minute game
3-16-13 189 gpm pos 4 Oracle, Arcane boots 30 mins, no sup items bought (world record #2)
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Aelita Mar 2, 2017 @ 6:04am 
+rep noob xddddddddddddddddddddddd
Demania Feb 17, 2016 @ 1:39pm 
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