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Jun 4 @ 7:03am
In topic Worth buying right now?
Originally posted by Khalifa:
Buy the game and play a match, if you don't enjoy it you can refund it. I have 40 hours played now in 3 days, very fun. :)
40 hours in 3 days? Jesus christ. It doesn't even seem like a game with more than a couple of game sessions of content so far.

Please describe why it doesn't get stale after a few hours?
Originally posted by jjavier15:
just go to the windows start menu and in the search bar place (cmd) and select that app then in the black screen just put (ipconfig) then just serch the IPV4 and that it thats the Ip
Connecting directly via IP is the issue. It doesn't work a fraction of the time and when it does it crashes very fast.
Hamachi and all other services like it have been the only way for me and my friends.
Apr 22 @ 1:10pm
In topic 95% Accuracy Challenge bugged?
Currently playing through the campaign to get the weekly challenge of hitting 95% or above through out the playthrough.

Every time I save, I update the page to check my latest Play Stats but every time my hit percentage goes down.
Started out with 100% through the entire police station, fine. The game didn't even count a big swing and miss I had on Birkin 1. Sewers had a single miss, down to 98% and then I got to the lab.
Here I decided on using the submachine gun to have as many shots available to hit the small weakspots on the plants and to empty a clip into a zombie to get the overall shot count higher so the percentage of missed shots will be less and less for each miss.
But here's the odd thing, whenever I add a lot of shots to the pool of overall shots my percentage nosedives.

How on Earth does that work? That makes zero sense. Even if I by mistake hit the zombie 1-2 times as they go down, as I presume hitting dead bodies count as a miss, even though it shouldn't, I still shouldn't be getting lower overall hit percentage with the amount of shots proceeding the "misses". A clip is 50 shots and I'm usually down to 25 as the zombie falls.

Considering starting all over again and go with Leon instead, so I can one-shot the enemies with the Magnum instead.
Apr 14 @ 4:28am
In topic The Game Is Dead?
Originally posted by Gordon Freeman:
I really hope it isn't because this game would have surpassed ark
Let's not kid ourselves here. This would've never been able to surpass ARK, in any way, shape, or form. Right from the start it had a worse version of ARK's engine. Struggling to keep up.
Apr 14 @ 4:23am
In topic Should I give it another go (yet)?
I was looking at the game again, going over patch notes but so far I haven't found much added content apart from the Albino Deer.
Let it be known I played the game when it first came out for like a month or two then realized it wasn't ready for more of my time, too many bugs and too little content.
How is the game now, contentwise? Is there a place where I can read about content added and not just lots of balance changes and fixes which is all the patch notes seem to be.
Mar 13 @ 7:34am
In topic A Swedish game without Swedish?!?
Originally posted by Rhapsodae:
They tried. But they were forced to abandon that development due to a lawsuit threat from the Jim Henson Company. It should be in the news somewhere
What? I can't even imagine what could possible deny them the means of simply adding swedish voice actors in a game.
Can't find any articles on it. Could you link it? Yes, I tried googling but nothing came up.
Mar 13 @ 7:31am
In topic What makes you excited for the game?
Definitely waiting on Youtube videos and reviews, even if they'll spoil something. I can't make a purchase of a game with 3(6 after checking their site) enemy types in a walking simulator.
They haven't shown any vehicles or other means of transportation. I'd even be happy with bikes, less noisy. But so far all I've been shown is walk around, collect weapons, shoot down a flyer, a dog, and a walker. I'm all onboard another type of open world, less crafting, less base building, etc. if the content is there, I'll be right there.

And with robots being the main enemy they should've(and hopefully have) gone all out on the different types of enemies possible. The robot theme provides endless possible builds but they've decided to show very little of the game and that worries me.
Feb 27 @ 3:50am
In topic How is this worth $60?
Originally posted by MacGruber:
This game doesnt really deserve any of the praise its getting.
Obvious troll is obvious.
The game is a perfect example of how you remake an older game into the new generation.
Last patch or driver installment definitely did something. Getting tons of lag/stuttering in the garage area in particular. Luckily not most other places. Still annoying.
Feb 16 @ 2:43pm
In topic shoot them in the legs! not head
Or stop wasting ammo on zombies and simply hit them once in the head to stun them and run right past. 99% of the zombies can be completely ignore as you never visit most places more than once.
Feb 9 @ 5:56am
In topic Improve Your Caves, Please!
They're just awful in every way possible.

1. Can be run through in 10 seconds flat.

2. Creatures are way too high level so you won't ever bother trying to take them out, because...

3. Creatures respawn way too fast.
If someone clears the entire cave, they should not have to deal with the same creatures leaving the cave.

4. The design of the overall cave, combined with the creature spawn points, makes for a very unpleasant experience. Especially whenever the fountain of youth spawns in the cave, a large of amount idiots will start pulling Cyclopses, Wolves, and Cobras to the entrance of the cave, while running there. Has nothing to do with the actual cave but they do it because it can be run through, so they have nothing to lose going there with no gear, so why not pull a Cyclops to annoy other people?
There's no "challenge" to be had here. No "I'll pull it and we'll fight it and slowly advance together". It's all about rushing through as fast as possible and be done with it, so you can forget about having to deal with it, until you need to speedrun it once you turn 90 years again.

Take a good hard look at other MMOs, because that is what you wanted to make, an MMO with survival elements, but right now you have ARK caves, which are very bad, and still way too many hardcore survival elements.
Make the spawn points SET, so you know EXACTLY what to deal with in each cave, none of this "maybe they'll spawn in the wall and surprise us" nonsense.

Honestly, any kind of change to the caves would be positive because they're just a hot mess as they are right now. And it wouldn't matter if they got an amazing overhaul like ARKs caves did, because ARKs caves are still horrible. They look good but the spawning of creatures is just awful.
Feb 2 @ 2:52pm
In topic Missing some physics in RE engine
Why would you wish for things to waste ammo on? :|
Feb 1 @ 5:05am
In topic It's time for another sale
Please god no. Do not bring in more people whining about the "finished" product not working.

"You're going to need some newcomers to help you raise that rating if you ever want to convince the larger gaming market that ATLAS is worth picking up."
You'd get the opposite reaction and get even less positive reviews.
Feb 1 @ 5:04am
In topic 43 bucks, is it worth it now?
Originally posted by Fafnir:
It's pretty much dying
hilarious comment...
Jan 29 @ 3:16am
In topic Single most needed thing at the moment
Introduction of the fountain of youth should've come with a reset of your age because all it was before was just cosmetic, so literally playing a lot before the "quest"(a dumb checkbox) was added is now a punishment.
I do not agree with adding more tame tokens. The game does not need to be more ARK. It needs to be less ARK. Focus on adding more pirate stuff instead of letting us tame those beasts. Even for a limited time.
Jan 26 @ 12:54pm
In topic The game is dead
this guy is a coward hiding his name
Jan 26 @ 12:05pm
In topic Official is already dead.
"You guys need to do something quick or your game will be dead"
These exact same words were said about official ARK servers. Funny how history repeats itself.
Jan 9 @ 9:29pm
In topic 10.5 fix patch.
Originally posted by 123:
Originally posted by Ragnorok:
It's nice to assume that you know everthing how's the air up to on your high horse?

If you didn't delete your ignorant post, you might have had an idea what he's talking about :P
Dec 24, 2018 @ 2:44am
In topic Expectation vs Reality.
Expection - You're getting a full quality game on day 1 of release!
Reality - You got what the store page said. An early access game which needs a lot of work on day 1, maybe even for several weeks. You were an idiot for expecting anything else.
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