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Originally posted by Botan:
Sounds like Maidens of Michael is getting a new app id
Plz share the source for that >_<
Sep 19 @ 12:17pm
In topic Lets hope...
.....that steam will not ban this game or delay its release like with many other titles -.-
Sep 19 @ 12:13pm
In topic This will only help piracy....
Just saying, but most gamers who really wanted to play the game on PC and support future ports for the franchise, will now get the game in "another way" because they dont have the option to buy it

Good job
Sep 11 @ 11:44am
In topic 18+ patch?
Plz >_<
I want to see this chicken breasts how god created them !
Aug 18 @ 7:55am
In topic Price?
Originally posted by Cheese:
Originally posted by Hiecchi:
As long its 40 bucks, im okay with that
There is much more content in that title, than in some other "fanservice" game which was released this week for the same price
Peach Ball is a slightly below average pinball game that's very light on content.
Gun Gun Pixies is a well below average game which is light on content though not as bad and not nearly as transparently.

How exactly do you judge which is least worth money in this situation? ...And why is it a contest, anyway?
It's easily possible (and very highly likely, unless this is like $10 or less) for both to be stupid overpriced for the experience they offer.
One being worse value won't make the other any better.
The pinball game has only 2 tables and only some of the girls, despite the fact they could add much more with the cast or give us new tables with a DLC
Gun Gun Pixies on the other hand has more and different stages, also its a much more complete game than the Pinball game, bc you dont really expect more than that what you already get
Aug 17 @ 1:25am
In topic People are mad?
Originally posted by SpacemanNick:
Here's a post that answers some of the questions in this thread.

Originally posted by Hiecchi:
Selling the game uncensored is not possible on Steam.

This is correct. Getting a build approved by Valve for release on Steam was a long process.
Thanks for the answer, even if it was not rly necessary to do that
Most people already know why you did that, most people already knew that this was the best way to release the game on steam and most people are okay with that, because you still gave us a option to uncensor the game on steam or buy the uncensored version somewhere else and didnt only released a censored vers. only on steam like some other ♥♥♥♥♥♥ publisher
Thank you for that
Aug 16 @ 6:32am
In topic Price?
As long its 40 bucks, im okay with that
There is much more content in that title, than in some other "fanservice" game which was released this week for the same price
Aug 13 @ 2:47pm
In topic People are mad?
Originally posted by Malamasala:
False. Some companies have had their games removed when they were rated all-ages versions on Steam with no advertised patches.

It honestly has all to do with if you get the insane Valve employee that has a mission to ban every single anime game with young characters. If you don't, you get to publish on Steam.
You are correct with this rogue employee, but if a game got his rating from PEGI, ESRB, USK or Cero, steam always allow the game to be selled.
This was the case with Maitetsu, bc it was a port of the console which got a rating from CERO.

Because steam rejected the dlc
The content was not okay for them.
This is also the reason why many patches are not be selled on steam anymore for content like that.
Any future VN release will not sell the patches on steam, they will be selled on their sites or are free.
Aug 13 @ 2:19pm
In topic The uncensored patch costs money?!?!?!
If you want not to support this "paid patch" method, you can still buy the game on their store. at least you have options to buy the game elsewhere, not like with other titles on steam where you only can get them in a censored vers. ONLY on steam
Aug 13 @ 2:17pm
In topic OST as DLC?
This would be great
Hopefully they can release the Ost as a seperate DLC
Aug 13 @ 2:11pm
In topic People are mad?
Originally posted by reorse:
Originally posted by kokiri1232:
What about Spirit Hunter: Death Mark it had all its its adult content released.

shhhhhh! dont bring that up! you will ruin their excuse for charging extra on an external site!
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark doesnt contain any sexual content
Its even rated as M and not like Saya as AO
You cant compare this two together, it doesnt make any sense

Originally posted by Shylaar:
Steam bans games regardless of whether the game is uncensored on Steam or has an off-site patch,
Right, but it give you a higher chance not to be banned if you release the game in a edited vers. / all age vers.

Originally posted by Shylaar:
There is also no excuse for making the patch paid, which is by far the biggest point of contention.
Like i already said, many people said they want to read the title in a edited vers. , because they didnt like the sexual content (even if its important for the story in that case) and charging them the full price for a title with less content would be called as a scam.
Jast only gives you more option which is not bad and they would sell the patch on steam, but like i said.....steam doesnt allow that, like they dont allow a uncensored release.

Originally posted by Shylaar:
Evenicle remains available on Steam, stop making this stupid argument.
Because steam doesnt know his own policy anymore
Some games are banned, some games are okay
They even ban sequels to titles whiche are still avaible on steam or prequels and allow the sequels to be selled.
Nobody knows what they allow anymore
Kara no Shoujo is still avaible, Kara no Shoujo 2 was banned (its the same cast, the same content etc.).
Using that as a argument is not really working

Originally posted by Malamasala:
Maitetsu is far worse though. But it is Sekai so they are practically immune to the troll Valve employee.
Difference is
Maitetsu was released on steam as a all age vers. which was based on a console port and had a official rating, which allowed them to bypass the review.
Steam doesnt care about patches with such a content, as long you dont advertise them on steam or provide them

Originally posted by kokiri1232:
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark does have sexual content and the some of the games art is ♥♥♥♥ed up.
I doubt the title shows you how you have sex with another being and you can clearly see the genitals.
Otherwise the game would be AO and not M in his rating
Aug 13 @ 10:47am
In topic People are mad?
Complain and protest at steam
They had no other choice or buy the game on their store, to show you prefer it this way
At least you have options, which is better than having not one option
Aug 13 @ 9:44am
In topic 18+ DLC can't buy
I rly hate this guys
Without supporting titles like that, its most likely we will never see titles on more than one store -.-
Aug 13 @ 9:41am
In topic Steam emojis? also
If you guys want emojis, background, trading cards etc, you need to support the release
without enough sale numbers, they cant provide things like that on steam according to their new market policy
Aug 13 @ 9:39am
In topic People are mad?
Originally posted by Cyberbeing:
I never recall a single person calling Illusion scammers as they are well known of providing offsite patches. Kagura Games are also well known for providing free patches on their site.

These companies are among the top in their game and are very successful...
So why can't others do the same ?
Maybe my english not that good, but what i tried to say is "people would call jast as scammers, if they tried to sell the edited game for the same price like the unedited vers. , because some people would be angry to pay the same price for a title with lesser content because they didnt liked the removed content from the title "
And yes i know, the content is this time important, but sadly some people really think like that (look at all the comments from some gaming media sites)
This is why its better to go this way, otherwise people would say that Jast forces them to use the patch with wanting the same price for the unedited title
Aug 13 @ 8:09am
In topic People are mad?
Are you really comparing a title, which got a official rating without any sexual content, with a visual novel that had this content in his original form and much more gruesome depiction of (sexual) violence in graphic and text?
Aug 13 @ 7:43am
In topic People are mad?
Originally posted by Persephone:
People are mad because Steam has repeatedly gone back on their word about not playing moral police to the point of frustration, meaning we have to jump through hoops for ultimately the same result.
In that case they should complain about steam and say that to them, rather than being angry about the publisher/developer
Most people on the forum only attacked Jast and not steam, despite the fact that every vn-reader knows that Steam doesnt follow their own policy
They already banned another ALL AGE title on steam, despite the fact that the prequel is still avaible.

Originally posted by Cyberbeing:
I mean take a close look in the forum, people already distributing the patch.

Illusion should be the roll model for these companies. They should really take note from them on how to become a successful business.
Didnt saw any "links" for that

Also, like i said
If they sell the game for the same price and provide the patch for free, we already know that some people will call that as a scam, which was already the case for other title on cant make everyone happy and providing you at least enough options for everyone, is better than no options
Aug 13 @ 7:10am
In topic People are mad?
Is it that hard to understand?
Selling the game uncensored is not possible on Steam. Steam banned so many titles, even some which only were All Age.
They had no other choice to "edit" the content.

They would also love to provide the patch on Steam, but like already happenend with other titles, steam doesnt allow that always and Jast tried that already many times....

So you have the choice between

Not buying the title at all on Steam and only on Jasts Store (which was already the case for many years, why you never bought the title?) or buying the title on steam with a patch from their site.
Of course you can say "they should sell the game at the same price and make the patch free", but this would only make people angry which dont had any interest in that content and SADLY some people are okay with that (look at all the gaming media sites, which wrote reviews about that and their "readers" said they want to read the title without that content, even if its dumb)
So in that case, they made the game cheaper on steam, otherwise people would call that also as a scam.

This was literally the best solution, its also the case for many other VN-Publisher (this is nothing new with non-free patches....) and the easiest way.
The patch is simple and everyone can install it without any problems (its a auto-installer...)

Also....we all know that someone will "upload" the patch, so if you are that mad about it, wait for that (still i hope that people will support the decision).

Still supporting a title which gaves you a choice to PATCH it, is better than a title without a Patch or the choice to add some scenes back and obviously better than not having the choice to buy the game on the store you want.

If you dont want to support this "method", you still have the option to buy the game on jast store (its not region-blocked) and if you want that on Steam, than complain that steam doesnt allow it and the Publisher cant do a ♥♥♥♥ against it.
They already tried to release other titles on steam and steam banned them all, because they were not edited for their release like they banned their patches.
At least you have the option for everything, especially for people who dont like to have their games on different stores.

Sorry for the textwall, but as someone who is always talking against REAL censored titles on Steam without the option to patch them or even the choice to buy them elsewhere, because the Publisher is too lazy to provide patch or release the FULL game somewhere else, most of this complains are over the top.
Aug 13 @ 4:30am
In topic Can't buy from Japan
Originally posted by Sir Blowfeld:
Tried accessing their store from Germany, error.
Used US VPN, error.

What country is Jast webpage accessible from atm?
Every country except Japan
I can visit their site without any problems
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