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Trap Shrine is, despite his title, not a game that makes "fun" about sexuality in any way. Quite the opposite, its encourage anyone to understand that love doesnt know any "gender". Of course its still using some tropes about "Traps", using this as a joke etc.
As a anime/manga fan this is nothing really problematic in any way and it only shows, that the title is more for fans of this media and not for "gamers", but this applies to most visual novels.

The Story was very well presented, the artdesign was good and the characters were great. Especially the interactions between Yui and Mishiro.
It was always funny to see how both used their "traits" to fight over the main (Onee-chan(?) POWER FTW!). Thanks to the voice-actors, it was much more funny than expected.
Sadly the BGM was very boring and not really that great, still it was well used in the scenes.

If you like anime/manga with "trap" characters, you will love this visual novel. Despite the fact that Trap Shrine is a "Kinetic Novel" (No Routes/Choices), it was so good that i "played" the title already 3times ^^"

The H-Content was great! Sadly its pixelated and many scenes contained not more than 2 CGs, but it was still great to see them, especially with the great voice acting.
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Exactly....MY GOD <3

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