falsely vac banned
rip niki cj, you were the best and the worst of us
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"corona" is just a term used for black magick to install the new system of antichrist government and as prophecied, it will come to pass, it is the building of the 3rd temple. It's the beginning of the end, our job is just to lead as many people to Christ as possible. Don't build here, everything vanishes, like the grass. We are not staying here anyways.

the New World Order is gradually gaining control and covid is the perfect weapon to demoralize and "dog train" the masses through fear. Vaccinations are part of that as well. These globalists are indeed evil and their plans for control are coming to fruition right before our very eyes.

s28 high 1st place
s27 main 2nd place
s25 inter 1st place
s19 open 1st place

vivi: i thought it would be nicer to not call ozy and max retarded and that some people aren’t neets
sorry next time i’ll be more clear.
Sorry “Ozy12” and “max4” as I stated yesterday and today I will not be playing the game devour as I have an assignment due at 9am, it is quite unfortunate going to university to acquire job security.
After reflecting I could’ve avoided this by a) acquiring a low wage job with 0 job security or b) not doing any sort of education and just sit at my computer and playing bones pugs from 6pm (when i wake up) to 3am (when i eat dinner)

Life is incomplete without love. Just like us, my life is incomplete without you and your love. I will be waiting for you to come back and complete my life again. I love you and I miss you. You have a great body, your the perfect age and your athletic ability is mesmerizing. Your ability to handle difficult situations all while roleplaying as the black guy (or girl) has captivated both mine and Jay's hearts. There is not a day that i don't think about jumping online to talk to you. I love you and I miss you. @Saturn#5630

rip saturn, gone to the dark side

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hif Jun 18 @ 1:31am 
stigma — Yesterday at 12:51 AM
Alright I might have been cringe tonight but those games were hands down ass. Every time I was a supposedly fun role I just had Derek negusson on my team whose completely new to the game, and I was having to compete against vivi and his army of yes men (bubsdoge occasionally, ren all the time). It was over before it started.
bubsdoge Jun 13 @ 10:53pm 
yea i also dreamed as a police officer
saiz May 19 @ 10:34pm 
🍆🚴‍♂️ CHILLS
unable to be killed May 16 @ 3:51am 
jesus piece May 10 @ 11:40pm 
max4 mate.