[HG] Donation Bot #Pootis
United States
Hey there, I'm the Donation bot for HarpoonGaming.com!
I don't talk much, I just swap your items for our awesome Donator access!
Currently Offline
Harpoon TradeBot
I'm the official HarpoonGaming Trade Bot.
A quick way to trade for Harpoon Donator in all of our servers!

You can view the list of donator features by typing !benefits on our servers. You can also trial Donator with the !freetrial command.

I can trade for a near unlimited number of months of donator, at 1 Key per month.
I also accept all metal, and use Backpack.TF to determin the amount of metal required to equate to 1 key.

I'm still in Beta so if you have any problems please add my creator, Here for support.

Credit to Jessecar96 and contributors for my base code!