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Rocket league is a soccer game played with RC cars. Obviously, the goal is to get the ball into the opponents net. Cars are given a few abilities to mix up the game. They can easily scale and drive on walls, and even up side down on the roof for a period of time (or longer with enough turbo). Boost or turbo is another feature in game. To acquire turbo, players must drive over small hot spots spread throughout the terrain. Some hot spots give minor turbo boosts while others will fill up the gauge all the way. Boosts when timed correctly, can produce a power hit on the ball. Some boosts when held down for a certain amount of time engage in some sort of ultra speed. When going this fast and if a player is in your way, you have the ability to literally run through and destroy the opponent.

I am a huge fan of games which feature double jump, and rocket league has it! The first jump is a bit of a slow jump, while the second provides for another boost upwards, forwards, to the side or in reverse. While in the air, the player has quite a bit of flexibility to move about. This trick comes in hand when attempting to defend or attempting to knock the ball in an awkward angle. It can look pretty cool when done right. There are no power-ups within the games so this fact alone may turn a few people away from the game... this is only of course if you play competitive. Non-competitive games feature power-ups. None the less, the devs took a simplistic approach to keep the game engaging. The matchmaking that is available is organized very neatly and local co-op is an extremely appreciated feature. Matchmaking is a bit funny to me in the sense where if only four players are available, it will add two AI's instead of allowing for a 2v2 vote. Again, it's not a big deal as empty slots are filled up with AI's (sometimes extremely annoying AI's that score on themselves). This however only applies in non-competitive mode which for the most part is ok. A neat feature is there is an arrow that indicates where the ball is off screen. Additionally, there is a circle marker on the ball to show where and how far up in the air is the ball. Players can press Y to change the camera view off the car and toward the ball. The player can also choose to toggle the lock button for the camera.

Graphics are well done and nothing seems cut short. You can optimize for performance or quality (whoot whoot)! There are different stages in the game but they are limited (or I should say were limited). A few more "out of this world" stages have been added for free which is greatly appreciated. The customizations regarding the cars are absolutely well done. From custom paint jobs, custom wheels, to even custom hats (that for some weird reason keep your goal count). My only complaint if I can have one is the DLC purchases for new car skins... but hey, who am I to judge. The menu's and the UI was also well done and everything is kept simple and neat. The music and sounds in game have improved since it's start. I love how different boosts all have a different sound and some even play music. This is really paying attention to detail. The sound tracks in general are pretty catchy. That could be part in fact I've also heard them numerous times.

The game is quite exciting and cars seemingly fly everywhere. It's enjoyable when everyone crashes into the ball, but it is even more delightful when people start calculating hits and play positions.

For future Rocket League DLC's or games, it would be nice to see some mini-games! The main part of the game is excellent, but imagine adding some modifications to it. Perhaps adding power-ups could give an alternative to matchmaking.

Overall good game, and I would recommend it to most people. There are a few friends that are reluctant to get into it, but for the most part it has received positive reception.

***Dec 2016 update : there are new game modes that involve other sports such as hockey or basket ball. I think this is a neat step as it creates many new opportunities. They are not available in competitive mode, but are still very fun to play. You're essentially a flying projectile whenever you wish. When you get the hang of flying, this game's opportunities start flying wide open. Very simplistic game but you can definitely see the skill range of some players is phenomenal. Unlike FIFA where you would get discouraged, I'm sure you'll start challenging yourself when you see some of these crayz stunts.
And my personal advice is to get the dlcs because they are pretty helpful !
Happy gaming ~~

RATING : 9/10
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