Nikolai Smallwood   Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Hello, I'm Nikolai. I'm an 18 year old autistic Winnipegian-Canadian confidently mature boy who basically plays games, draws some stuff, and all that nonsense. I do try to look on the positive sides of life and enjoying it while it lasts.

NOTE: my younger brother plays on this account most of the time, so if you see me playing a game if I'm not around, you'll know why.

Avatar is made with CLIP STUDIO PAINT by yours truly.

For more information and to know me more about me, click on this link. [nikolaismallwood.carrd.co]




Steam: heyimnikolai (You are here)

Don't be afraid to add me as a friend on Discord: heyimnikolai#6095

go ahead and follow me on Twitch, or if you're feeling generous and have twitch prime; subscribe. livestreams are coming soon. Be patient, everyone. the fun isn't over. [www.twitch.tv]

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ROBLOX: nikio (yes I play Roblox. I had this account for over 13 years now, and I play it for pretty much everything. EXCEPT MEEPCITY.)

Watch me on DeviantArt, where art and experiments are at play. [nikolaismallwood.deviantart.com]

new videos coming real soon. sub to get notified when a new video happens. share some love, will you please? <3

my youtube second channel, stocked with goodies.

Bnet Battletag: heyimnikolai#1176 (Finally found my older account.)

Uplay: heyimnikolai

Origin: helloimnikolai




PC: Acer Aspire TC-280

MONITOR: Acer 24" Monitor

OS: Windows 10 Home

PROCESSOR: AMD A10-7800 with Radeon R7 graphics

RAM: 12GB DDR3 Memory

HDD: 1TB Hard Drive.

Here's a link to the PC I own:

click me here. [www.amazon.com]
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