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⇾ I'm accepting jobs on sourcemod plugins, nodejs bots (for ts3) and PHP Scripts an Dart pages
 ⇾ Before akins anything: Add me on friends list
 ⇾ If is a question related to my plugins [www.sourcemod.net]ask commenting in the plugin thread if no aswer feel free to add me to friends!
 ⇾ Don't be rude!
 ⇾ Speak only in english/italian


 ⇾ Prima di chiedere qualsiasi cosa: Aggiungimi tra gli amici
 ⇾ Se ti serve aiuto su un mio plugin [www.sourcemod.net]chiedi prima tramite in post nel forum se non ricevi nessuna aggiungimi pure!
 ⇾ Non essere scortese
 ⇾ Parla solo in italiano / inglese
Seb Aug 4 @ 11:07am 
Hey, I just want a quick chat as I have a problem with adding a weapon spawner to my new TTT server, and i've read in the plugin comments that you have completed it fine.
El Tío Rata Jul 26 @ 1:18pm 
help lol accept me
toxx 乡 Jul 17 @ 9:23am 
Hey bro, can you accept my request please? I have some questions about your plugin.
Buttercup Jul 14 @ 11:21am 
+rep accept please, i have a problem
|TσтαL| ' VsqS Jun 21 @ 3:42am 
please accept to talk abou Hawthorne
Accept me. I have a problem with a plugin.