Herr Brain
Emmett Brown   Oregon, United States
Tryhard TF2 Medic main who also frequently plays anti-spy/utility Pyro. I also enjoy first person puzzle games like Portal [2], and games with depth.

R.A.Q. (Rarely Asked Questions)
How do you pronounce Herr Brain? "Hair Brain" (not "Her Bryan"). I chose this name because it has a double meaning: (1) Herr is German for mister or sir, so it can be interpreted as "Mr. Brain" (2) Since Herr is pronounced "hair," my username can be seen as a reference to hair-brained schemes, which I have been known to hatch these from time to time).

What's your opinion on random crits? VALVᴱ, Just #RemoveRandomCrits already! :steamsalty: Keep them on 2Fort and Hightower, if you must.

Will you pocket me? Maybe. I heal everyone, so don't expect my medi-beam to be glued to your butt for an entire match. I tend to heavily prefer team players who are willing to communicate.

Why did you remove me? I periodically clean out my friends list. No offense intended. I will probably remove you if we haven't interacted in awhile.
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