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Nisa Moriyama   Spain
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"El color rojo tiene muchas acepciones... Unos dicen que es el color de la Ira, otros el Color del Poder y el Caos... Unos del amor... Pero yo, creo que es el color de la Justicia."- Nisa Justiceheart


Anime Awards: (not in order, except Bobobo)
Best Comedy: Bobobo
Best Epic: The first half of Gurren Lagann and the whole Kill la Kill
Best Story: Fate/Stay saga, all of it. Including Prisma Illya and Zero.
Best Slice of Life: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (both seasons)
Best Mech: Gundam saga
Best Fantasy: Rage of Bahamut Origins
Best Novel Adaptation: Haruhi Suzumiya
Best Manga Adaptation: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Best RPG World: Log Horizon
Best Romance: Angel Beats
Best Serious "Magical Girl" theme: Symphogear
Best Harem: Date A Live
Best Idol-based: Love Live!
Great Comedy: Yuri Yuri, Nichijou, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Binbougami Ga!, Keroro Gunso, Assassination Classroom
Great romance: Chuunibyou
Great RPG World: Arad Senki, .hack//
Great classics: FLCL, Dragon ball, Kamen no Maid Guy and more
Great harem: Boku wa Tomodachi

Favorite Kamen Rider: W and Ex-Aid

¿Color favorito? Favorite Color?: ff0036
¿Eres un robot? Are you a bot?: CREO_QUE_NO/I_THINK_NOT

Things I like:
+Games (Specially J-RPG, MMO and Action)
+Rance Game saga
+Xenoblade Chronicles 2
+The Greatest Ninja Ever: THE GREAT AND POWERFULL BANG SHISHIGAMI, for Love and Justice!
+Symphogear Anime Series
+The Akeboshi Rockets & Kishida Kyoudan
+Hiroyuki Sawano
+Mika Kobayashi
+Kamen Rider
+My Waifu: Nisa, the Heroine of Justice.
+My Husbando: Astolfo, the 12th Paladin of Charlemagne. (Cu Chulainn is a close second)
+My Maid and Love: Isaka-chan

~Lolis and tsunderes are the world~

Things I do not like:
-Cock of Duuty (as my Maid said)
-Horror games
-XXL Breast
-XXL Hair lenght
-Random friend invitations
-Ass*na and Shitirito from S.A.O

Buena gente/ Good people:
+Isaka, my love.
+Cheesy, thanks for being a great friend c:
+Aya, for being a weirdo about japanese games but a good friend nonetheless c:
+Mi bicho amorfo y su fantasma temporal
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ㅤㅤㅤㅤ teehee!
Petralicious May 13 @ 1:46pm 
Adding for blazblue
Calick May 11 @ 10:17am 
Hola. Te he añadido por si quieres jugar a Spacelords :)
UltimatumMythicalSoldier☠ Apr 24 @ 8:08pm 
Handy Mar 23 @ 3:23pm 
Te mandé solicitud de amistad porque me gustaría jugar Champions Online
OverSavior Mar 9 @ 9:11am 
Yo, I just saw your gundam models for TTS in workshop and thought you may be interested. There's a fan made gundam wargame called MSG: Skirmish. It's aimed to be as easy as possible while being realistic enough(basing on UC timeline). I'm currently working on importing the game in TTS. Almost everything is ready for testing, so I thought maybe you'd like to try it out and stuff... More details in DM if you're interested