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Aye! I don't bite :3

I loveeeeee anything cuteee, cool is fine too! ≧﹏≦

I value friends over family over myself

What the heck happened.
zysf: *kiss* fullhomo
Memetrle #FINALS!: Kisses back* nohomo

1:29 PM - .phl4rie: Potato
1:29 PM - Hemstar: Potato
1:29 PM - Hemstar: Potato Pota to?
1:30 PM - .phl4rie: Pot ato
1:30 PM - Hemstar: Po tato tato po
1:31 PM - .phl4rie: Poo tato


As the Golden Ball of Joy sets further into the horizon, the gorgeous Moon takes over the starry night sky. The cool breeze brushes against my face.
I stand under the moonlight in awe, letting the raindrops trickle down my face. Salty... little... raindrops...

We've spent 10 hours a day 5 hours a week messing around together. All of you are the most caring and perfect friends I've ever had. I wished we had spent more time together... playing together... studying together... eating together...
It haunts me that I left... and I'm sorry I never returned. I'm afraid I'll lose myself and you all again ...
Forgive me...? (ಥ‿ಥ)

I'm scared...

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why do you do this to me :(
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Bully :(
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this guy is just amazing at tf2
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Hemstar, not Hemster
thepizzaman2013 Feb 15 @ 12:25am 
Hemstar, not Hemster