juko suči oči puči
Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
Angel: Si zhúlený?
kemp: Jak šunka :D

Angel: max gtfo pyro
kemp: max gtfo pyro
*at the same time*

kemp: kokot šak 30 km od nášho domu nemôžu lietať lietadla lebo by dostli tripple.

kemp: do piči ja som stireľal do skla.

kemp: stropnem hit

sesio: kokot vypadly poistky
seiso: som spadol zo stolicky
seiso: som zhuleny

kemp: Kamo som najebamy na sracky
kemp: zajtra sa nepostavím

pablo.spaghetto : they dont exist
pablo.spaghetto : they imaginare

*DEAD* tumblr is the worst : lol sorry
floppy : pablo.spaghetto : they imaginare
tumblr is the worst : forgot to post connect to my own team
Angel : lmao

*DEAD* <3 kemp : nerob
*DEAD* smrk : noob*

(TEAM) BA? : [P-REC] Stop record.
(TEAM) Dave : [P-REC] Stop record.
Time left: 3:39
Skukk left the game (Disconnect by user.)
BA? : gg
Oblivious_Bimsc left the game (Disconnect by user.)
look outside your window :) joined team BLU
look outside your window :) : fuck i was late.

scout main (tf2) : you have numbers in your name, be quiet manlet
B34T_TR4KKeR : u too xD
Time left: 9:45
(Voice) Dutchman: MEDIC!
Time left: 9:41
*DEAD* BA? : lol

*DEAD* kemp : som ta forceol pohladom
*DEAD* kemp : lmao
(lebo ja som skocil pred lennyho a hodil mu raketu za 40 a ptm som na neho 10s kukal a on zapol)

*killed him invis 3rd time in 5 mins*
♛Szabi♛ : angel i wish die your family
(Voice) angel LFT: Thanks!

Heinz Guderian : Kvasimodo, are you homeless now, cuz there is no Notre Dame?

Tea : your strafes doesnt look like
IPA: im retard

*DEAD* LUKASTANK : ta pajpa mi lizla koule

"I ´m fucking done, i don´t want to mge anymore"
Kingor I poke u left the game (Disconnect by user.)
*he disconnected from the call*
You gained 5 points.
Angel (Score:18) defeats Kingor I poke u (Score:6) in a duel on Gullywash Middle

Today at 7:12 PM
Luna Lana: if you raise a glass full of cooked bread is it a toast toast?

Today at 7:12 PM
distraction: Deep thoughts with Luna

Today at 7:12 PM
Aelkyr: toast²

Шишкин: i dont know this map really well, sorry
tomato : damn
(Voice) angel: Thanks!
tomato : can i offer u a gps bro


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druhý fakt nemusí byť pravda


Over 2400 + hrs
Main class: Demoman, soldier
Other classes: Sniper, scout
Teams: Pičina eSports UGC 4s (demoman, medic), Final World Tour etf2l 6s (demoman),

can merc! :)

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http://logs.tf/2239198 WTF?!
http://logs.tf/2244144#76561198152060505 DAMN <3
http://logs.tf/2245093 deathless<3
http://logs.tf/2281812 good one
http://logs.tf/2300632#76561198152060505 not bad I think
http://logs.tf/2327249#76561198152060505 DMIX
http://logs.tf/2376286 ok ok

My favourite TF2 video: httpss:/youtu.be/3JZs4EYRMCk

Oh god ♥️

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