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Black One Blood Brothers / Heavenworld developer / Old mission maker of ArmA 3

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Infinite 18 hours ago 
dunno if this is where to ask but has heavenworld been thrown under the bus? had a good map being made
bigboybaggins Jul 25 @ 8:12pm 
hey dude i've recently downloaded one of your campaigns in Arma 3 called navy seals blood brother first of all loving it so far. but i do have a issue and need your help and its mission 10
red line and it when razor its starting hes own personal drill. when its starts a helicopter is carrying a boat with razor in it. and the problem is that theres no audio at all. ive checked a youtuber who is doing this mission and hes has audio and also master chief is telling him about the mission hes on when hes on the boat. but for me i don't get that from master chief. and when i get to the beach theres no objectives to go to. maybe its because the game it not picking up on the radio and then not sensing ive started a mission. could you please help me how to fix this problem please
👻Al3ss4ndroS3R1👻 Jul 19 @ 4:11pm 
hi, i'm playing your game and it's really awesome:steamhappy:, keep up the good work.
for any suggestions, can i chat with you?
Trikopis Einlitz Jun 30 @ 1:41pm 
BOBB is a bloody good game. I actually didn't expect it to be that good.
metalnat111 Jun 19 @ 9:35am 
Black One Blood Brothers just got a WHOOOLE lot better! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!! It seems a lot harder too! Loving everything about its current updates though! Third Person View, and custom music being my top favorite features now!
.pr0XY Mar 7 @ 4:03am 
hi add plz! would love to hang and chat