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"Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees."

Steam Community Moderator & Translation Admin on the Steam Translation Server (French Team).
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nosferatu 03100 hace 5 horas 
bonsoir j'ai un probléme avec un jeux esque vous pourriez m'aider
Wexecutioner 13 SEP a las 15:57 
I did not want to be banned unfairly pleasee help me!!!
MILK 13 SEP a las 7:31 
Hello , Please accept my friend invite , ı need help please help me , ım really so sad
Falcon 12 SEP a las 6:42 
I hope that the ban is removed from my account I swear I have not used any cheat programs
DUDE 11 SEP a las 12:00 
The worst person in the world.Made VAC ban,I hope you will have a separate boiler in hell) is Not well honestly why the VAC ban removed only popular people or competitive players,in rare VERY rare cases, ordinary people? I got hacked on 14 August, the stretch played a cheater and stupid when I recovered the account HAC ban arrived.Great,no stretch support,not steam support is not AEC easy anti cheat support will not help,saying all that I did and that I could not defend the account.Always suspected that steam is just a decoy,they hacked you! So you can create another account and buy games, so why do I need to play games? if people like Gabe Newell stupidly eat my money, I'm tired honestly.I want to rest, I'll go for a walk.
Spryzie 10 SEP a las 14:11 
Bonsoir je voudrais vous ajoutez pour une question j'éspère que cela pourras être fait