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"Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees."

Steam Community Moderator & Translation Admin on the Steam Translation Server (French Team).
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/!\ /!\ If you are about to post a comment on my profile because I banned you from a Discussion board, please add the name of the board/game to your comment.

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Doer SF BitSkins.com 2018년 8월 9일 오후 4시 08분 
Erroneous domain blacklist, any way to get help from a mod?
FakeFull_ 2018년 8월 8일 오전 2시 25분 
hi i got baned by anti cheat but i didn't hack ! how do i get an unban plz tell me i just buth cs go how i posuble hack at 1 day of playing cs go plz un ban me my cs go nikname ir FakeFull_ plz help me just spend 12 euro on cs go plz plz plz unban me
A 2018년 8월 5일 오전 6시 49분 
{링크가 삭제되었습니다} (don't click)

!!! This scam site (selling cs:go accounts by 130 rubles, 1.9$)
Fr🅾sty 2018년 8월 2일 오후 2시 30분 
Steam user luckyshot5135 steamid: 76561198047249718 is falsely caliming I'm harassing him on social media when even he stated I don't know is name and got me permanetly banned from Radical Heights community forums (which he only posts negative things in) while stalking my posts and following me around the forums replying to my every post in different threads and is activey attempting to lure children with "atlest 8 years of school left" and openly defending pedophilia on steam community forums. Please look into this case.
Fish-E 2018년 7월 31일 오후 5시 04분 
Cat :pug: