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"Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees."

Steam Community Moderator & Translation Admin on the Steam Translation Server (French Team).
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/!\ If you want me to accept your invite, please post a comment below giving some context to your friend request, thanks.

/!\ /!\ If you are about to post a comment on my profile because I banned you from a Discussion board, please add the name of the board/game to your comment.

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Zabivaka 7月19日 3時42分 
Same here can I discuss my ban with someone because I think I was banned for no reason
✪ KeviNN go.kround.ro 7月19日 2時55分 
MAN WHY.I have a ban for nothing
assasinwar. 7月19日 0時09分 
thanks fucking valve for fucking vac for nothing when im playing only with my friend with bots
KONY 7月18日 18時57分 
bonjour puis je t'ajouter s'il te plaît
⏪ ĴØξᎽ 乙Ꭿ乙Ꭿ ⏩ 7月18日 18時55分 
Salut je peux t'ajouter ? Entre champions du monde ^^ :happymemes:
LUIVITOFF 7月18日 16時25分 
I have a ban for nothing, could you help me with a this? Thank you !