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"Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees."

Steam Community Moderator & Translation Admin on the Steam Translation Server (French Team).
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I have a ban for nothing, could you help me with a this? Thank you !
Demon 2 時間前 
I was banned from blocking the vac, why do you ban adequate direct-handed players?
✪ Mihaiッ 7月17日 12時28分 
💙Nice Profile 💙
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Classic 7月13日 7時21分 
would like to reveal an attempted scam/phish
Diddley4209 7月2日 4時09分 
I have a quick question
long chin man 6月28日 8時29分 
i shitposted on a mods page because somebody started spamming his wall with "please ban long chin man" does this mean I might get banned now?