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squintin12 3 déc. à 22h03 
hi there, i need to talk to a mod, or a curator, or someone about my other account, it was stolen this morning, i fell for a malicious link
Angra Mainyu! 29 nov. à 10h42 
HI. can u delete that my threat for good thx im tired for this --> https://steamcommunity.com/app/374320/discussions/0/1693798344652347552/
Hello I need help with a growing serious issue within the forums.

Users are claiming to know better then steam support about the issues were having. And are answering as if they know what will be the outcome to the problems.


Thank you very much!
Zephalo 18 nov. à 11h52 
Hey i need help because i got scammed can you plz help me or help me get to an admin. thanks
Lemiech 17 nov. à 10h45 
Hi i need help from you write to me pls.