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bepis před 17 hodinami 
Is it possible to get VAC banned for cheating in a server with the -insecure flag enabled? Thanks.
Zabivaka 19. čvc. v 3.42 
Same here can I discuss my ban with someone because I think I was banned for no reason
✪ KeviNN go.kround.ro 19. čvc. v 2.55 
MAN WHY.I have a ban for nothing
assasinwar. 19. čvc. v 0.09 
thanks fucking valve for fucking vac for nothing when im playing only with my friend with bots
KONY 18. čvc. v 18.57 
bonjour puis je t'ajouter s'il te plaît
★ Joey ZaZa ★ 18. čvc. v 18.55 
Salut je peux t'ajouter ? Entre champions du monde ^^ :happymemes: