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gayest of gay and im proud of her mrstoastertart
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the truth is that i have a crush on you and i just feel like i don't have a right to do so since i don't even know you properly i mean i have no idea about your favourite food or your favourite animal and it just makes me so sad i mean it's really weird to have a crush on person who is almost completely stranger to me but hah i guess that that is the world of adults since people met at bars and online and stuff but i guess that when you meet someone online on some crappy dating site you at least know something idk idk im sorry i'm weird and ♥♥♥♥ed up and a mess and i really apologize for being creepy i never wanted to act like that and it really makes me sad since now you must think that i'm a creep or something well i am a creep but i don't want to be a creep but yeah im too weak so i can't really change myself and yeah okay bye