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Created by - Rivent
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To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.
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First of all, if you've played The Dark Descent - this is absolutely nothing close to it and does not deserve the Amnesia title next to this abomination.

The gameplay is sluggishly painful and yields little to none involvement at times. Your goal is to go to point A to point B and solve scarcely interlaced puzzles, there is no inventory system like The Dark Descent or the previous Penumbra franchise that prompt you to think about what you'll use these items for in future puzzles or areas of said games. In A Machine for Pigs, you backtrack for an item, bring it to something you interact with, then move on.

Not to mention, the 'threat' in this game is VERY underwhelming. Not once in this game did I feel pressured or concerned about the Pigmen that roam the maps. The pigs themselves (with how few there are in the game) have dumb as ♥♥♥♥ AI, and are easily bypassable. You'll see one roaming a small corridor on one point, then never appear for the rest of the ten minutes while you sluggishly march to the next area. There's no sanity to manage, no lantern oil meter to cope with, and the damage the enemies deal is pathetic, it's something like seven hits for you to die to the standard pigs. It's as if the game babysits you through the tense areas, that should feel tense and are not given as a free win.

The game also bombards you with visionary blurs and flashbacks which became extremely monotonous and felt like their intention was to slow the pace of the game down for you to 'soak in the atmosphere', unlike The Dark Descent in which the flashbacks were usually short and allowed you to get back to the game in no time. On this topic, the flashbacks in this game are usually so bland and hardly explore much detail into which was going on. I didn't really understand much at all about the main plot even given the notes I had to find dotted around the map. The main character just ended up talking about his children for the majority of the game (and I get that's one of the main points of the plot) but they could've at least explored some other parts, instead of leaving the plot focused on a single point for a while.

Additionally, there's no mod support at all to prolong the game's life. It's a one and done game comparative to a walking simulator. The Dark Descent keeps you coming back over and over for new things to play that other creative people have made, a lot of mods there are up to standards with that game's original campaign (if not even better). It's mainly due to the interesting ideas people come up with for areas and can really stretch the boundaries with their map design that keep you hooked. The areas in this game are just flat, bland, samey. Steam machinery all over the place really gets tiresome, with the occasional cramped street way, it's not pleasing to look at. It's all dark and grey and bland.

There's also a few occurrences that cause the game to hitch and lag badly in some areas. Something my PC should definitely be able to run smoothly, but it's thrown around into a choppy mess. Takes away from the actual 'gameplay' and makes it more of a slog than usual.

Overall, it's a major, major shame to see the word 'Amnesia' stamped onto this hot pile of garbage, it's not interesting, it's not fun, it's not enjoyable at all. I've compared The Dark Descent to this a lot in this review for good reason - The Dark Descent is what the Amnesia franchise should be like, full of puzzle solving, interesting room design and enemies that you encounter. You're thrown through hoops but rewarded with the satisfaction for escaping a monster, or figuring out something to progress. A Machine for Pigs has that, but toned down by ten.

Please, please do not buy this game or even play it if you got it for free that one time. It's seriously not worth the time nor experience. Just buy Dark Descent and you'll have ten times more fun than this nasty piece of work.

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