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Hi I'm Scaly Trash!

You are in the presence of the one and only "Your Computer Screen"!

I play Music as a hobby including drums and piano, I'm also sensitive and femboyish
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/merry/ Nov 18 @ 12:55am 
MrPPs Nov 16 @ 5:41am 
that was sweet of you , thanks a lot ^^
🍻 Nov 14 @ 10:55pm 
According to the IDW Sonic comics, the black aliens, lost hex zetis, and the secret rings are all canon in the sonic timeline, so that's implying every game is canon as well. Including the times Sonic was a complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
🍻 Nov 5 @ 8:25pm 
What if you could control ants? A 12 ant squad can carry a little bit over 2 pennies at about 0.08m/s. Meaning that you could get those two missing pennies for your dollar menu meal out of your breast pocket into your hand in under 15 seconds. If you had the ability to control 18 average weight ants (or 12 5mg ants) instead of 12 average ants, you could pull out your credit card instead of paying cash.Perhaps in a situation where you are being held at gunpoint, or if you need to release them discreetly. Ant grenades, ant darts.

You could sick ants on someone in waves of 12, as the previous wave of ants will still have aggression towards the person do to pheromones. You could use the venom from some ants to paralyze someone temporarily. You could use them to clean out the cavities on your mobile device, or to tamper with electronics in an undetectable way.

Or you can just use them to bite Sharon every day at work. God Sharon is such a ♥♥♥♥♥.
MrPPs Oct 28 @ 5:22am 
*Sunggles , happy halloween* :avoidghost:
ᵐᶦᵐᶦ ✧*。 Oct 21 @ 12:01pm