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This review is coming from someone who's played the game off and on since day 1.

Initially the game was interesting, there were bugs aplenty as with any other Bethesda title and ultimately I didn't see this going for more than a year at best. Longtime fan of the series, Fallout 2 will always be my favorite and I can say this is definitely in my personal top 3 Fallout games.

Survival: As a survival game, you're not going to encounter something on the level of The Forest, The Long Dark, or Green Hell. You're still going to need to manage your thirst and hunger, killing animals to harvest meat or foraging for precooked meals and sealed cans of meat. Water, teas, and everything else will be used to quench your thirst and you get experience for everything you craft. 8/10

Gameplay: You'll get introduced very quickly to the other people (NPCs) in the world and you'll begin by doing various quests to get you familiar with the gameplay. Go around and do quests, get experience, level up, collect everything, break everything down and store your junk. As an MMO there's a daily reset for things so you can come back the next day and go around locations collecting materials, and the group events respawn and reset often. 8.5/10

Story: Maybe the weakest of the sections for this game. So far the story is somewhat interesting but to me not as bad as the story in Fallout 4. Your mission now is to leave the Vault, track and meet the Overseer and work on bringing peace to the Wasteland's newly added Factions. This makes much more sense than it did initially with you just talking to robots constantly and the story feels much more fleshed out. 7/10

Sound: Not bad, not incredible. The guns all make sounds and give feedback, I feel like a lot of these assets are probably reused, the voice acting is fine while some lines are delivered kind of flatly. 6/10

Lifetime As with all things in life and games YMMV, I've got a couple of characters, I haven't explored the whole map but I've seen quite a bit. The community is great and I like running into people and doing events with them. I'm excited to hit the soft level cap and you can really just keep playing the game to your heart's content. Collect everything, fight all the endgame bosses, farm to get loot, grind it out. 10/10

Overall 7.9/10 I recommend this game, I think it's easier to give a chance now, this isn't the transformation we saw with No Man's Sky but I gotta hand it to Bethesda for sticking to their guns and giving this game the TLC it needs...
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Fallout 76 Highlight: TB to assert dominance.

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