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M&B Napoleonic Wars Achievements & Quotes

Founder of FrenchTouch, ranked as best groupfighting team of all time and best team of the French Legacy Era

Most titled NW player ever at April 2018 retirement (EU & NA) (Prime Retirement)
First player ever to hold every competitive tournament from 1v1 to 10v10 category existing at same time in 2017 during "The French Legacy Era" (both EU and NA playerbase.)
Longest top 1 listed NW Player rated ever with ~22 month as n°1 from mid 2016 to april 2018 retirement
Most titled NW player EU & NA in 2016 and 2017
4 times European duel champion, 4 times NWWC Champion as Leader.
Led the 85e regiment to the 4th Season RGL title
Led the 66th regiment to the 7th Season 10v10 Regimental title
Led France National Team to 4 NWWC title, Most titled Cpt in NWWC history.
Led 5 different gf teams to tournament title : FrenchTouch, All-Stars, GoTA, SuperSaiyajin, AK47 to gf titles, led 6 different gf teams to finals.
Coached to their competitive prime : ExtaZz94, LeBrave, Fotin, Cr3a, Tiberias, Troister, Fwuffy, Muha, Owindd, Kennedy, Maharbaal, Vade, SharZ.

Pioneer of the 2v1 flag system, delayed down stab [\b]

Hosted over half a dozen tournaments, including NWGFL & EUvsNA. Created GF Leaders & Matchmaking Group. French Hall of Fame. And most notably proposed and pushed the creation of the FSE groupfighting board in 2016



"Your attacks are faster than a ferrari" Mightypain

"96/100 The best player I've ever seen" LeBrave

"The Patterns Master" Obelix

"Its like you are the boss level of this game" Speculaaskoekje

"NW is a simple game, the tournament start and at the end the French win." Drake

"thanks to HaZe, he is definitely the best (gf) in game captain of all time" Marxeil / DF

"Someone I will probably never be able to completely understand."."But also, and without a doubt, one of the best player to have ever touched the game." Tardet

"The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be His Majesty HaZe , he is definitely the best player ever" MightyPain

"Upstab Stunkick ? I invented them!" Drake

"Wait...and bayonet dropping ? I invented it also!" Drake

"if u guys dont think haze is the best player remember that he got faster than the game" janne

"We All have to accept that he's the greatest NW Players of all that have been playing." Muha


"Only drake beat me" ExTaZz94

"I dont know If I'll play again lol I don't like being shat on" Herishey

"I think that 7-0 is enough to make me retire from tournaments now." Herishey

"LEGEND." MightyPain

"LeBrave is the greatest memer to have ever existed, the very very clown of this world" Drake

"95/100" Fwuffy

"Phoen!x, Rommel and Bakarat more like Neymar, Messi and Suarez." Drake -23|05|2015 - (was just jokin' , they're trash :D)

"DF: can i join team france
DF: ahahaah
DF: ill use another id
DF: and ez win
DF: u knw
Drake: not good enough for france sorry"

"France is noob" Berkovic : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/23/1496743210-1480352732-berkopinion5.png

- Before NWWC 2017 Semi-Final (FRA vs GB) -
Drake : Imma going to do a video of fra vs gb
Drake : you don't have problem being in a movie
Drake : getting rekt
Drake : ?
HerculesTP: Sure if you dont mind being embarrassed:)
Drake : I appreciate your cooperation
Edit 2019: Where our winner prize pool money hercules? ^_^


Mount and Blade Napoléonic Wars Achievements- Only Europeans 1v1 & Groupfight / No Internal tournament (it is no competition) (Since 2015)
35x Gold 7x Silver ==> 42x Finalists 1x Bronze 1x 4th place (Only EU)
:Spirit:Silver | European 5v5 Championship 500€ Tournament with SSayajins (As captain) 2019
:Dignity:Gold | European 6v6 Resurgence Tournament with AK47 2019
:Dignity:Gold | European Summer 1v1 Duel Tournament (100+ players) 2019
:Spirit:Silver | M-Napoleonic Wars World Cup (5v5) with FRA 2019
:Dignity:Gold | European 3v3 Swords Tournament with AK47 (As captain) 2019
:Dignity:Gold | Napoleonic Wars World Cup 2018 (As GF Leader) 2018
------------------------ (Prime Retirement) ------------------------
:Morale:Bronze | European Regimental 10v10 Tournament with 66th (As Leader) 2018
:Dignity:Gold | European 7v7 Tournament "Changing Times" with All-Stars (As Captain) 2018
:Dignity:Gold | European Regimental Groupfighting League 1st place with 66th 2018
:Dignity:Gold | European 1v1 Duel Tournament 1st place (100+ players) 2018
:Dignity:Gold | European 3v3 Tournament with Frenchtouch (As Captain) 2018
:Spirit:Silver | European 1v1 Duel Tournament 2nd Place (64+ players) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 9v9 Tournament with All-Stars (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 4v4 Tournament with Frenchtouch (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 5v5 Tournament [EGC5] with Frenchtouch (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 7v7 Tournament with All-Stars (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 2v2 Tournament 'Changing Times' with GogetaIV 2017
:Dignity:Gold | NWWC Napoléonic Wars World Cup (8v8) with FRA (As Cpt**???..hohoho) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 5v5 Tournament 1st Place with FrenchTouch (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 6v6 Tournament 1st place with All-Stars (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 1v1 Duel Tournament "Changing Time" 1st place (120 players) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 10v10 7th regimental GF Tournament with 66th (As Cpt) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 4v4 Tournament 1st place with FrenchTouch (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European Regimental Groupfighting League 1st League with 85e (As Cpt) 2017
:Spirit:Silver | European 7v7 Groupfighting Tournament with FrenchTouch (As Cpt) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 2v2 Tournament with Gogeta IV 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 3v3 Cup Tournament with DreamTeam (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 7v7 Tournament 1st Place with FRA (As Captain) 2017
:Dignity:Gold | European 5v5 Napoléonic Wars Groupfighting League (NWGFL) (As Cpt) 2016
:Spirit:Silver | European 7v7 Groupfighting Tournament 2nd place with GoTA (As Captain) 2016
:Spirit:Silver | European 3v3 Tournament 2nd Place (60 players) 2016
:Dignity:Gold | NWWC Napoleonic Wars World Cup (5v5) 1st place with FRA (As Cpt) 2016
:Dignity:Gold | European 5v5 Groupfighting Cup with Frenchtouch (As Cpt) (~125 Players) 2016
:Dignity:Gold | European 8v8 Groupfighting Tournament with Gods of War (As Cpt) 2016
:Dignity:Gold | European 1v1 Duel Napoleonic Wars Melee League 2016
:Dignity:Gold | European 3V3 Tournament with ExTaZz94,LeBrave and Fotin. (As Cpt) 2016
:Dignity:Gold | European 10v10 5th Regimental Groupfighting Tournament 2016
:Spirit:Silver | European 7v7 Groupfighting Tournament with
Lost the rest stupidly, trying to recover......
actually trash in bannerlord
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La paternisation des process
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Muha Apr 10 @ 5:36am 
i was thinking that LeBrave was the clown of all time, but it turns out it was you
Drake Apr 10 @ 5:36am 
hopefully you got coached for this, thanks daddy drake
Drake Apr 10 @ 5:36am 
what a dick sucker