Matt Hayes   Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States
Previously Intellectual (haZe#12404 on BNET)
I do the medicine man HUD [huds.tf] and another one.
x [puu.sh]
I'll come back to TF2 when there is a reason to. For now, I do Overwatch and HUDs when I feel like it.

UGC HL - S08 - Steel - Hats Life 3
UGC HL - S09 - Steel - Killstreak Overkill - All Star nominee
UGC HL - S10 - Silver - Independent Fighter's Alliance - Made Playoffs
UGC HL - S11 - Silver - Attack on Hu3
UGC HL - S12 - Silver - Smokin' Trees and Strokin' Threes - 1st Place (!)
(HL was a mistake)

CEVO 6's - S5 - Open - Regular Ol' Peeps - Medic
(lmao peep my 6's record)


Tumblr [hayesit.tumblr.com]
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medHUD - Public Group
Made with Medic mains in mind.
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Walia Oct 30 @ 5:11am 
added for trade
:O Jul 24 @ 8:47pm 
Accept the Friendrequest for a Weapon Sign, please. I will be a happy boy.
Pointless Striker Dec 25, 2019 @ 3:09am 
Are you selling your 44# crafted medic misc ?
Drunk Medic Nov 9, 2019 @ 8:15am 
Are you interested in selling or trading your Collector's Kritzkrieg?
Maria Jul 4, 2019 @ 3:28pm 
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