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Is this game a little more pricey than the average EA? YEs. Is it worth every penny? HECK YES!

I haven't been this excited about a dinosaur game in a very long time, nor have I been as thrilled and amazed by an EA game, whilst ALSO not feeling a little disappointed, as i do with this one.

There are many strong aspects to this game, such as:

+ The sound in game is AMAZING. It really is very immersive. The game, dinosaurs, music, ambience and everything is just extremely appealing. I would probably give it a solid 10/10 for sound.

+ The visuals are awesome, even on lower settings. The textures make the world look great. The dinosaurs look amazing. The visual effects and weather effects such as fog in areas are beautiful. The explosions looks awesome and I never fail to be in awe whenever we shoot explosive barrels and see them go BOOM.

+ The missions and game-play is very fun, and it is easy to sink hours into this game. The average session is around 4 hours., if you like to clear the map like me and my friends. Though, you're always able to extract early if you want to. There is a nice amount of different types of missions to do, and an ever-changing status of the zones on the map (according to how well we players do GLOBALLY and COLLECTIVELY. The map is changed twice a week according to how well we do as a whole together, not just as individual players.) This is a very interesting game mechanic that i think is brilliant.

+it has great game mechanics and great gameplay. The progression system is nice and is nicely paced. The upgrade system is also fab. The characters all can be customized to suit your needs, but each individual one has its bonus' and downsides. Each one adds something very beneficial for the team, and compliments the others well.

+The campaign, so far is also great. It has some little twists and some nice missions to do. I am quite enjoying it just as much as I enjoy clearing out a whole expedition.

+ For an EA game its extremely promising and doesn't feel much like an EA one compared to others. it does have a few bugs, as all EA's do, but not many that ruin gameplay. The game as a whole is feeling decently polished even in its current state. If you want a game to sink hours into, this might be it.

Now some downsides:

- there are some bugs. These are mostly being the odd rex not being in the zone, let alone area, that it is marked on the map. As well as some lights of dropships, cargo or equipment/ammo drops staying in thin air after the object itself has gone. OoooOOoo spooky, ghost lights ;D Sometimes missons bug out a bit and reset even though you just did it. This is not a common occurance.

- occasionally there is the odd server-lag spike, but it generally isnt an issue.

- sometimes it crashes for people. Usually people can rejoin previous session.

- sometimes (as in, so far, once) it will not let you evacuate even when you are all on the ship. For us it fixed when someone ended up crashing. The other 2 of us were able to then evacuate. Again, this has only been once, compared to 5 crashes between 2 of my friends. I have currently not crashed once yet. So it doesnt seem to effect everyone the same, it could be dependent upon PC specs or wifi, or I might just be lucky.

- It would be nice to have a slightly bigger map, it is big, but I feel it could have more areas in the future maybe. My brother mentioned it would be nice to have some slightly different terrain types than the tundra we have now, as beautiful as it is currently.

- There are at the current time, only 4 dnosaur types. raptor, Flatback (anky) Bull (similar species to a trike) and T-Rex. With all of the many raptor mutated varients, as well as the 1 other mutated variations of the other species, it actualy is a lot better than people would believe as it is. Though, i think a bigger dinosaur-species selection would make it even more thrilling.

-the menu is buggy. If using the map use M to bring it up and make it disappear. as currently you cannot just use Esc to get out of the menu. You can to click return.

- I feel like the air strike lazer ability of the guy who uses grenade launchers/scout rifles should hurt himself and other players. Even just a little. Since it is so deadly to the dinos.

- it would be nice to have a place you could see everything you own. E.g how much of all the research materials and research points, rather than having to check via clicking on an upgrade you need one of the resources for. It would also be nice to have in the in-game menu a way of checking what you currently gathered/and or your current contracts and progress.

- Sometimes a sessions progress randomly goes back, in terms of equipment upgrades. It doesnt seem to refund you either. Only my brother currently experienced this on one occasion. Though one campaign mission later he was able to get all of that back. Still, he lost a full mini-guns full upgrade research-points and material wise as well as the actual perks. This could do with some fixing as if it happened on the regular it could get annoying. if this becomes a common issue i will update this review. Though currently i believe it is uncommon.

I love this game and cannot wait to see it progress. It's a brilliant game and definitely will get played lots. 2 days in and I have 17 hours currently. Yesterday alone I played and streamed over 10 hours of game-play alone. It is a great feeling FPS game with a lot of interesting things about it. If this is what it is like in Early Access, i cannot imagine how great it would be at full release!! Keep at it dev's, one happy customer here.

Would I buy this game again? YES, yes i would. In fact, i actually bought it for my brother and best friend after playing it with my dude for a day. And they both are happy I did, as they also find it fun despite the few bugs we have encountered.
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Played as a child and now have returned a decade later,never dissapoints. The nostalgia and the joy this game beings is unreal. Brilliant place to start or to return to the roots of FPS games. Multiple game modes, single player, coop, LAN/Wi-Fi server, game servers, base maps, amazing custom maps and content, amazing custom game modes on some servers due to rule editing (ie sniper if big room game where you're tiny like an ant).

The ONLY thing I can say I would like improved is the amount of people playing it to be increased again. Ago enough so you can play and there are still custom map servers running, however it's sad to see the multiplayer isn't thriving as much as it used to. But between people sticking to the game and people reyuening, like myself , many years later, I have hope it will have a bigger player base again.

I would rate it 10/10 and that isn't lightly. In my top 3 games, my top 2 timeless classics, and my favourite FPS of all time.

If anyone wants someone to game with I doubt I will ever be leaving this game alone for so long again so I'll be on there somewhere.

Only a few hours played in this reunion, however I've played it for hundreds upon hundreds of hours in my childhood and I will continue to play this for the rest of my life to come. That is how much love I have for this game. I usually bore easily and stop playing so this bold statement isn't just for show haha
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