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I say stupid shit and program in Javascript and modern C++
I also do front-end webdev. I will shit out websites for you

12:38 AM - HeXaGoN: g e t i n h e r e
12:38 AM - /╲GUZ╱\: if there's no slots open im literally gonna drink water
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I am a nerd
If you send me a friend request, comment on my profile (if you're able to) as to why you're adding me first unless I know who you are or already know the reason.

Got your invite ignored? Try commenting first next time.
Don't want to comment? Then I don't want to accept your invite.

Can't comment because I set my permissions to anything other than public?
I might accept your invite and ask you why you're adding me.

Just be up front with your reason too. I get invites all the time and would rather know up front if, for example, you're looking for help with programming. No need to lie to me.

Please, go to the effort to tell me what you're playing, and if applicable, details like the gamemode you'll be playing or level you'll be playing on. I ignore invites from people who just click the "Invite to Game" without saying a word because they couldn't be fucked to at least say hi.

I hold the world record for being the biggest nerd of them all.
My opinions are better than yours.

wow scout
☼Sunshine☼: why? what was the point
SteeL: My girlfriend is insane.
Scout joined.
Scout: same
$ugarTiT$: LOL
Scout: ?

zuff : sorry bros i gotta poop
Player zuff disconnected. Reason: Disconnect by user.
Wilson2234 : shit i gotta go with him
Player Wilson2234 disconnected. Reason: Disconnect by user.

my bot is sentient. here are quotes from the mountain of wisdom that is badBot
"a quality shitpost" [cdn.discordapp.com]
"XXDXDXDXDXDXDx WOW SON" [cdn.discordapp.com]
"oh christ no" [cdn.discordapp.com]
"netcode fucks it" [cdn.discordapp.com]
ok [cdn.discordapp.com]
"removed her hands" [cdn.discordapp.com]
"i'm eating shit" [cdn.discordapp.com]
"i'm actually pretty good though" [cdn.discordapp.com]
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"I AM ANGERY" [cdn.discordapp.com]
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"might've cooked your CPU"
"you nerds gonna join me or not"
"thank you windows this is a really fucking weird number"
"grown too powerful"
"heaping helping of FREEDOM"
"the wonderful world of computer"
"you're secretly a heatsink"
"a gigantic donut killing us all"
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"just sitting in corners waiting for black friday sales"
"why doesn't this work"
"an ultra-failed, failed, the tryhard difficulty, cheat while simultaneously supporting things that other crap."

does it make you cringe if I tell you I used node.js to make it

how do i call myself

super old quotes I dug up from a text file on my harddrive
my sides

HᴇXᴀGᴏN: I can be gay whenever I want.

7:51 PM - ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт: I will totally be a FAG with you

11:10 PM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: you have to piss on everybody
11:10 PM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: to survive


HᴇXᴀGᴏN: 8===<span id="d"></span>D
HᴇXᴀGᴏN: setInterval(function(){document.getElementById("d").innerHTML += "=";},4);
HᴇXᴀGᴏN: do you hate me yet?

4:20 PM - Bojangles4th: I really like the music in that pic.

1:17 AM - dae: My friends are kissing faucets
1:17 AM - dae: Yeezus
1:17 AM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: that's going on my profile

1:03 AM - dae: That's sentence didn't make any sentence

12:57 AM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: I will replace that film with an adam sandler film
12:57 AM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: that way you'll come back
12:57 AM - dae: nigga WHAT THE FUCK
12:57 AM - dae: thats abuse.

9:03 PM - dae: i just ate..
9:03 PM - dae: a cold
9:03 PM - dae: chicken nugget
9:03 PM - dae: and now
9:03 PM - dae: im sad.

8:04 PM - dae: hex
8:04 PM - dae: porn isnt the answer.
8:04 PM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: yes it

9:40 PM - gιn: hex needs to have buttsex

Buttsex Expert. HᴇXᴀGᴏN <STEAM_1:0:40174631> connected from country The United States (US)
(god damn it gin)

gignowanasanafoniconoranananacom is joining the Terrorist force

Steve5371 : plant, how bout you make like a tree and fuck off
plant : :D
plant : OK


7:53 PM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: how can you be dying if you're dead

Steve5371 : hacking?
ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт : yes
plant : yes
HᴇXᴀGᴏN : yes

1:17 AM - Cade: Your IQ is high so that means your brain is retarded

1:17 AM - Cade: And Hex digs me, he just doesn't wanna admit it
(you wish, Cade)

10:41 PM - HᴇXᴀGᴏN: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/abjpiw
10:41 PM - FlowJobs: finally a group for me

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Rain Apr 18 @ 10:11am 
definately gay
Gents Apr 18 @ 10:02am 
Hey fellas, is it gay to play video games? I mean, you can play as a guy.
Xero 零容忍 Apr 7 @ 1:43am 
/╲GUZ╱\: if there's no slots open im literally gonna drink water
HeXaGoN Apr 1 @ 8:36am 
∫ aspiri dn = aspirin
The Mighty Clark! Apr 1 @ 12:37am 
you got any funny calculus memes to send me
HeXaGoN Mar 24 @ 1:24am 
also can't even write "you're" correctly
just stop trying