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If you're here to leave a negative comment after running into me during Casual, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!! Especially those hiding behind those private profiles, that doesn't stop you from getting reported and banned :)
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Hi There!

If you've come across my lovely profile here chance are that you:

• Are here to leave a negative comment after running into me on Casual.
• Or are attempting to add me either to beg for items or even try to scam me of items.

Well unfortunately I won't stand by this and if it gets to the point where I need to make sure that you are SteamRep banned [forums.steamrep.com], then I will make sure it happens! As for everyone else who isn't here to do either of these...

Hiya! I'm Hatsu, formerly known as Hatsumine or Hatsurine to my old buddies back on Sodahappy (what the Sh in my name stands for) and even Schneo to my TF2 gambling buddies.

I'm somewhat well known in the TF2 gambling community as I've been around since TF2Pot as I have the last legit jackpot before the bots got banned and the owner ran away with what he could before getting trade banned himself. I'm probably the main person you could ask for a legit site and I would certainly advise you to watch yourself out there as there are plenty of scammers using phishy links to steal away your most precious items.

In other words I can be quite a friendly person if you ever get to know me, so you're free to add me to play some games or even to trade. I still trade somewhat even though it's to make my inventory look better. And yes I have a lot of signs because I like lewds. After all I want to own a total of 222 lewd signs~
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weSzZ Aug 11 @ 11:14pm 
send me your porn collection
Steam is fized
Kittycake Jun 23 @ 2:32am 
Added you just to be friends if that’s okay with you :)
sh.hern Jun 22 @ 6:48pm 
pasa pack elfa :v
The Favre I asked for Mar 27 @ 8:03pm 
good gamer
2x4 Swedish Plywood Jan 30 @ 2:22pm 
i have one thing to say f r a n c e