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It is what it is
Geenussy 16 hours ago 
hardcore tuneler
Sirvincent 21 hours ago 
-rep only tunnel ,and nothing more
ą×σrì Jun 7 @ 10:46am 
dude, u're not comp player if u just create public in steam with tag xD
Mystic Jun 7 @ 10:17am 
yep i cried after 4king u guys, and then u calling me a ♥♥♥♥ comp player and malding jajajaja
ą×σrì Jun 7 @ 10:05am 
me? where? i called u at 1st for 1x1, but u started cry in chat like a p'uss'y xD
Mystic Jun 7 @ 9:55am 
so ez, dodged 1v1 hahaha noob