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Early Access Review
Squash meets Pinball!
This game is amazing in every possible way, the developers have a great attention to details, every small thing is almost perfect!
I used to play Squash up until 2007 (then University consumed my time), and this game really brings back the muscle memory I've had back in the day! I'm able to hit the ball and aim it with great accurace without actually looking at it ... VR at its finest!
This is the first VR game I actually purchase (all the others I've tried were free games), the demo simply won me over. I can't believe it's still in Early Access!
Posted September 16, 2017.
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DiRT 3 = DiRT 2 - DiRT Showdown
That's basically it, DiRT 2 added some fun game modes but they didn't fit in the DiRT series so they removed them from DiRT 3 and made DiRT Showdown with these stuff instead.
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for :D
Posted February 8, 2014.
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