luv is rage
the nigga tried to kill my father
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JustTheMamba 13 сер 2016 о 15:10 
My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world I'm a normal forensic scientist, but with the help of my friends at Star labs, I fight other meta humans like me. I stopped the man who killed my mother and in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them. I am the flash!
JustTheMamba 10 лип 2016 о 21:19 
Drive on the right side of the road next time!
RockyBalbroa[TDG] 14 лис 2015 о 20:19 
I say let's be besties. You seem cool enough. What do ya say? Csgo sometime? :)
MNC mascot 24 жов 2015 о 12:13 
A true knight of the shovels.