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Posted: Nov 4, 2018 @ 2:23am
Updated: Nov 4, 2018 @ 2:24am

Do Not Feed The Monkeys is an interesting indie project, with a unique and different gameplay. Here you will have to spy over the various people all around the world, using your standard computer at home, trying to live your normal life as well.


+ Completely unique type of game
+ Pixel-art graphics, that definitely suits perfectly in this type of game
+ Replay ability is really high
+ Time and resources management
+ Great balance between humorous and tragic events
+ Different outcomes every time and multiple endings


- My biggest problem with the game is that it constantly reminds me about deadlines, about my debts and neсessity to sleep and eat. Time passes so fast in game, so you are always kinda stressed and it can be a problem sometimes to just focus on the main thing

Seriously, guys, Steam is able to surprise me literally almost everyday and this is simply amazing. I can see games appearing here and there all the time, some great and interesting titles that I never heard about before, from different developers and usually, almost every game I try is golden. And the same thing goes to Do Not Feed The Monkeys - this game has great chance to become a classic game, that indie lovers will remember years later.


Have you ever been at that part of your life, where you were asking yourself all these fundamental questions, like : “Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What am I supposed to do next?” etc. I guess lots of us had. Like our protagonist as well. That guy sits at his cheap and miserable apartment making ends meet and he is not happy with his life at all.

But everything changes when he gets the opportunity to join the secret association, all covered with mystery where you have to do some weird stuff, at the first glance. A little bit later, you will understand that these actions can be also very helpful for society and for your country as well.

From time to time you will be contacted with a guy, working for this secret society as well and telling you about that whole new level that he reached just the other day and this information should warm your interest even more. These conversations are really short and intriguing, they literally do their job perfectly, as you will keep asking yourself all the time : “what the hell is he talking about”


Do Not Feed The Monkeys doesn’t require you to learn lots of different stuff or complete a few hours tutorials. It just throws you there, leave you alone and let you get it right by yourself. And there’s nothing wrong about it all, simply because this game is not difficult at all and you will understand it straight after the beginning.

So in this game you have to observe, or simply say, spy over the different people all around the world. The trick is that you don’t have any freaking idea why are you doing this and what this is all about. You don’t even know where all these hidden cameras are located and who exactly you are spying on. But the thing is that everytime you open the camera and see something, you have to click on the highlighted objects and write down about every single thing that you see on the camera.

Writing all the information down in your notebook is essential and that’s the whole trick about the game. Sooner or later, when you will have enough information about some sort of thing, the game will notify you with a sound, that you have to open your notebook and conclude your investigation. For example if you see a guy, who wakes up only in the late evening to stay up late and do some suspicious stuff on his computer, while accepting a drug dealer every night exactly at the same time, you can say that he is definitely a criminal and choose the most suitable option from the drop down menu in your notebook. Usually, these options have two funny and one right thing to choose from, so you won’t feel like you are not sure where is the right answer.

At the start of the game you have only one camera and every time something will happen there you will hear the notification sound and see a twinkling little lamp on the screen. Every few days you have to show your results to the Company and prove that you are worth to stay in there. To do this, you have to buy more “cages”, which are simply a new rooms with hidden cameras. If you fail to obtain the needed amount of cages, then your game is over and you failed your chance to use all the privileges of being on the higher level of this secret society.

Here comes the management thing, as you simply need money to purchase these cages. From time to time you will need to check your second room for job offers, pinned to your apartment’s door. This is just a small part-time jobs, where you get a chance to earn few bucks just to stay alive, pay the rent and buy yourself a fresh food. You can also earn money by answering pretty simple questions that you will receive on your email from time to time, regarding the little details in cages that you observe. For example, they can ask you something like, what is the phone number of the subject in cage #4. And if you will be able to find out this information, you can choose it from your notepad and get the money. The trick is that you have to keep your hand on a pulse all the time, because landlord is a really stupid old woman who keeps on coming at your place every two days to collect the money, instead of coming one time at the end of the month.

However, this is not your biggest problem here, because she only takes ninety dollars which is not a big amount of cash and you can earn it easily with these part-time jobs. You have to keep yourself fresh, sleep at least seven hours per day and eat clean and healthy food. Otherwise, you will end up dying and again, game over!

To spice up all that stressful micromanagement thing, the developers prepared for you series of random events. From time to time strangers will knock on your door. It can be an annoying neighbor, asking you to borrow some money. Next day it will be a postman, bringing you a special gift from someone, who you helped the other day. Or it can even be cops, who will arrest you if you do something wrong during your examinations and mess up.


For the last few years I heard literally tons of rants regarding the pixel art graphics in game. Mostly people do not appreciate the fact of the popularity of this old school style and prefer to believe that it’s not the good thing to praise such visuals in our era of mind blowing graphic possibilities. In this game this kind of visuals perfectly fits the whole gameplay, atmosphere and overall game vibes. I can’t even imagine a game like this made in a different way.


No distracting music on the background and redundant sounds, only natural tunes, like mouse clicking, door knocking, newspaper unwrapping, coffee pouring, etc. It was simply almost impossible to fail here.


I highly recommend Do Not Feed The Monkeys for someone who is looking for something refreshing, for a completely new experience. It’s one of these games which can’t be understood until you play it by yourself and feel this experience on your own skin. Here you will be asking yourself questions all the time, like what the hell is this whole organization about and what am I doing here in general? The mysterious feel never leaves you for a second and what is more important is that sooner or later you will be addicted to checking monkeys in your cages, feeling like you wanna reveal all their secrets. And that’s the main goal of organization.


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btw someone moans every night
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also receiving nudes is epic
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