Water Neko   Manitoba, Canada
Is-is anyone even paying attention to me?

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Stronk Suijin!

Sowwy, your neko and kitsune have hearts of gold, wonderful but delicate~

Wonderful quote owo: EEP IT FEELS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE -Infected

Hentai Enthusiast
...Do I get a gold star now? >ω<
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Wonderful quote <3:
Friendly, Caring, Supportive, Cutesy at times, Curious occasionally and you never get mad despite what people do... -Kitt 💙

Tidbits: 😺 I like apple pie
😸 Love RP and chats
😹 Laughing in general, it's great~
😻 Being friendly, amiable!
😼 Like fooling around with friends, online or outside
😽 Hugs and kisses, Chu~
🙀 Sometimes rushes when having a headache...
😿 Feels bad when others are, I'll try to make us all feel good.
😾 Hate bullies...
...Hate 'em!
😉 Speaks French and English mostly, fluent in both~
😀 Likes being mute in chats, my headset's broken, lol
😃 A bit of Spanish, German, and moderate Tagalog
Quelques bons amis 😘 (Pas d'un ordre~)
-Nekothatdreams (Wonderful person, Cheri~ 💙x3)
-Muriel (Mirielle :3)
-Infected (Cutie, lel >u<)
-Adult Neptune

-daledragon31 (Personal friendo of mine)
-*insert name here (And another)
-Nep Nep (A true Neppy >:3)
-Electronegative (Full-on Kitty >w<)

-Enkabob64g ("Onii-chan")
-Miku (Get better ;3)
-Foxy Lepirate (Mon ami français, formidable •w•)
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Josuke Scout is best Scout
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Rep+ just a like Kiss me

I'm a Pro the good likes for you

And Kiss me!!!

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you are so good friend
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