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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 12:38am

Take the Last Step Forward

Completed Chapter 1.
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:40am

Reward After the Battle

Completed Chapter 2.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 11:21pm

Like a Reflecting Mirror

Completed Chapter 3.
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 8:17am

Rushing Journalism

Completed Chapter 4.
Unlocked May 2 @ 6:42am

The Matter Settled?

Completed Chapter 5.
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 4:00am

A Mermaid Can Not Walk

Completed Chapter 6.
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 8:12am

The Glow in the Dark

Completed Chapter 7.
Unlocked Apr 29 @ 9:40pm

Going Toward the Sunset

Completed Kei's Intermission.
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 11:49pm

Beauty Battle

Completed Shihori's Intermission.
Unlocked May 26 @ 4:03am

Death March Recital

Completed Fumio's Intermission.
Unlocked Jun 1 @ 8:13am

Handing Over a Baton To…

Completed Kaori and Rika's Intermission. 
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 11:57pm

The Melancholy of a Savant Girl

Completed Yuri's Intermission.
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 6:38am

Sanae's Lyrics

Completed Sanae's Bond Episodes.
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 12:34am

Fragment Beginner

Got a Fragment for the first time.
Unlocked May 26 @ 4:08am

Fragment Collector

Collected 25 Fragments.
Unlocked Apr 29 @ 7:27am

Mission Amateur

Succeeded in a first Mission.
Unlocked May 1 @ 7:56pm

Mission Veteran

Succeeded in 25 Missions.
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 7:12am

Mission Expert

Succeeded in 50 Missions.
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 1:50am

A Primer of Creation

Created a first item.
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 11:58pm

The Extreme MASTER of the Master of the Dark

Tamed the petite dark monster in "Dark Cave".
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 8:12am

School Girls' Manners

Enjoyed chatting a great many times.
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 6:19am

Defeated Netzach

Defeated Netzach by Reflect Counter.

An Unfulfilled Wish

Completed Chapter 8.

Be Together Again

Completed Chapter 9.

The Truth of the Sisters

Completed Chapter 10.

Mind and Heart

Completed Chapter 11.

I Will Never Forget You

Completed Chapter 12.


Completed Sarasa's Bond Episodes.

Cogito, ergo…

Completed Yuri's Bond Episodes.

Going For The Youth

Completed Kei's Bond Episodes.

Just Running With The Wind

Completed Rika's Bond Episodes.


Completed Kaori's Bond Episodes.

Her Mouth Speaks…

Completed Fumio's Bond Episodes.

Bon appetit!

Completed Rin's Bond Episodes.

It Is MONEY That Saves the World

Completed Ako's Bond Episodes.


Completed Chihiro's Bond Episodes.

Shall Take It Easy With Beauty?

Completed Shihori's Bond Episodes.

Inside of Her Heart

Completed Mao's Bond Episodes.

Fragment Master

Collected 50 Fragments.

The Able Creator

Created all items.

All Reflector

Reached at a maximal Reflector level.

Finest Bonds

Enhanced a Fragment to the maximum.

Defeated Yesod

Defeated Yesod by Reflect Counter.

Defeated Cochma

Defeated Cochma by Reflect Counter.

Defeated Tiphereth

Defeated Tiphereth by Reflect Counter.

Defeated Daath

Defeated Daath by Reflect Counter.

Brilliant Etoile

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