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no randoms adds leave comment or i don't accept your request.
use discord DO NOT steam voice chat
danny devito is god
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more chromosomes than u
if you use steam voice chat instead of discord i will permanetly block and unfriend you

rooftop korea best korea

Quote Wall

:NCMBleader:brayden: rip rai, his forehead got too big and his head exploded
Jay: Hey Mike, where's Rich?
Mike: He's dead.
*cheery music plays*

Mike: oh he had time to put his penis back into his underwear

ivan chesnokov: redistribute the wealth

it was space aliens man: do you mean to fucking say, that whoville isn't out there, in some fucking forest somewhere

lol cedric is black

danny devito bot: this is a pro IRA discord

mosnigga: i don't speak communism

my gud freind whomst has been perma banned from my favorite server.

dont spawn that illegal turret or ill ban you- Poofyswine

hey whats your opinion on dees
dees nuts, goteem

i pulled her panties down,
and the bitch had a dick!
Swanky MCLIV Aug 6 @ 8:38am 
(MSF) vic boss Aug 6 @ 3:06am 
ure late u stupid♥♥♥♥♥
Swanky MCLIV Jul 30 @ 11:56am 
Happy bday big boy
Luke Jul 12 @ 1:11pm 
uno reverse
Mao Jul 12 @ 12:47pm 
no u
(MSF) vic boss Jul 11 @ 10:14pm 
shut up youre mom big idiot gand gay goteem,

ok this is epic