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да, я говорю по-русски, а не очень хорошо
Trading :redjewel:

Not interested.

SteamRep [steamrep.com]

Friend requests :bigbot::lilbot:

Unless I know you or we've recently played, it's a no from me babe x

Huh :noir_ace:

No, I am not Russian, though I do understand and speak Russian but not on a proficient level.

Arthur 2020年9月6日上午8:32 
up for sale your cs skins? add me to discuss
god of the grove 2020年5月7日下午12:22 
cry is free
Black Smoke ☾✩ 2020年5月7日下午12:22 
nice v h
Epic Gamer 2020年5月5日下午2:22 
thanks for the trade, just received a cool AK skin from him.
Epic Gamer 2020年5月5日下午2:21 
+rep thanks for your comment, good luck mate!
vomb1k 2019年4月4日上午1:01 
+rep very skilled player