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да, я говорю по-русски, а не очень хорошо
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Trading :redjewel:

I do not want to trade my items, and especially with randoms. If I want an item I will buy it directly from a market like SkinBaron or BitSkins, or trade it on CS.Money
This is the only account I have on which I accept / send friend requests to people I want to play with. I have only 2 other accounts, on which I only add my real life friends, so beware of the impersonators.

If you want to make sure you're talking to me, tweet me, or make sure the account matches this SteamRep [steamrep.com]

Friend requests :bigbot::lilbot:

Unless I've recently played with you, or I know you in real life, your request will be rejected.
I do not accept accounts with hundreds of hours in the past week just because you try to make it look legit, I do not accept new, bot, spam, trade accounts.

All spam invites (friend requests, groups) will be reported.

Playing :noir_ace:

As of April 2020, I am only playing CSGO for fun on faceit or matchmaking. I'm not playing to rank up anymore, so no try-harders please, thanks.
I haven't played in over 2.5 years, and the last time I played my rank was Global Elite (~ Nov. 2016 ; over ~3200h split on 3 accounts).
If we've played together recently and you'd like to keep playing, feel free to add me, but make sure you mention it in the comments.
No, I am not Russian, though I do understand and speak Russian but not on a proficient level.

Have a good day :heartpr::gladCube:
Arthur Shelby Sep 6 @ 8:32am 
up for sale your cs skins? add me to discuss
*who dis* May 7 @ 12:22pm 
cry is free
Black Smoke ☾✩ May 7 @ 12:22pm 
nice v h
Rush B May 5 @ 2:22pm 
thanks for the trade, just received a cool AK skin from him.
Rush B May 5 @ 2:21pm 
+rep thanks for your comment, good luck mate!
vomb1k Apr 4, 2019 @ 1:01am 
+rep very skilled player