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  Tokyo, Japan
level 11 yeay (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ :2016villain:

*fєєℓ fяєє тσ α∂∂ мє, ρℓєαѕє ςσммєит вєℓσω вєfσяє α∂∂ιиg. тнαикѕ :2016villain:

ᅚᅚᅚᅚ♫ ♩ ♪ ℓιѕтєи тσ тнιѕ ❚❚ ωнιℓє яєα∂ιиg ♪ ♩ ♫

I so soooo much love that song, i always weep every time i hear it. NARUTO is overrrrrr, i miss it :2016imnotcrying: :2016imnotcrying: :2016imnotcrying:

σнн нι! ωєℓςσмє тσ му ρяσfιℓє
∂σ уσυ ωαит тσ киσω мє? σк нєяє ιт ιѕ

Aвσυт мє
You can call me :Letter_N::letter_E::letter_E:
but i'm sorry in advance :2016imnotcrying:, i can't tell you anything about my personal information unless you are closer to me in real life.
But come on, don't be sad :steamhappy: you always feel free to chit-chat with me about some funny topic or anything else that we interested of.

Wнαт ı ʟσνε
Reading ❤️
I love reading, read everything what makes me curious.
I have a dozen of book but mostly a non-fiction books (in my mother tongue), i only have one novel :steamfacepalm: i'm not interested to read a novel :2016imnotcrying:
i don't know and i don't care :2016imnotcrying:

But wait... i love Light Novel, i think it was a great idea which japanese ever made. :ame: Sasuga Japan :ame:
It has an Illustration of the character looks and some of situation on the story. It makes our imagination being wow :steamhappy:
I'm really enjoyed Light Novel :2016villain: and recently i was buyed Re:zero light novel, it was on shipped now I'd received the package.

Watching ❤️
Everyone like watching...
Movies and Animes, i like both.

My favorite anime is CLANNAD :2016villain:
you should watch this!

Gaming ❤️
I'm just casual gamer
i'm playing video games for fun, so if you looking for someone to help you to win, i'm not interested to come in :p
Usually i play video games in my spare time and on my low-end laptop, that is why sometimes you saw me just played brawlhalla frequently.
My laptop can't handle either AAA games or the online games like Dota2 and Paladins. :2016imnotcrying:
Here my laptop specifications Toshiba Satellite C650 [] What do you think? hahaha too old right?
Nevertheless, it has been with me almost 5 years and never got broken. that is so awesome, i truly love you my dear ♡ :2016villain:

So if i want to play games with high-spec requirement, i'll go to Internet Cafe and
normally i'll go there just when my friends ask me to join with them. :freebeer:
Do you wondering why i don't build my own PC?
yeah i want to, maybe in the end of this year i'll build my own PC, just waiting for it. :steamhappy:

My favorite game is Harvest Moon - Back to Nature :2016villain:

Sleeping ❤️
I really need more sleep

Just that what i want to share with you.
Leave me a message if you have something to ask or want to play games together.

Thanks for reading and visiting my profile :2016villain:

P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english
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