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Garfield Kart: Sexy Orange Cat Goes Vrooooom!

Garfield, eh? Some lad he is! I was first introduced to Garfield Kart when VoiceoverPete had made a video telling me to give him my parent’s credit card number and details! So, being the Garfield fan that I was, I gave it to him without any hesitation! I was hooked! Gradually over time I had stopped playing Mario Kart, and gave my all into being a professional Garfield Karter! But then I realised something… the more Garfield Kart I played, the faster I was turning into a furry! Here is why…

Garfield Kart: Furious Racing is a psychological horror masterpiece that lives up to its tags in every way possible, with its excellent controls to back it up. Just like any other racing game, it will not be easy. It will not be easy to pull off that smooth and satisfying drift or being able to throw the pie that permanently disables Jon Arbuckle’s ability to walk, walk over to the store to purposely buy out-dated lasagna and making it specifically for me with the purpose of giving me food poisoning, what a dream. But in the end, even if you lose, we are all still Garfield Karters! The Game provides you with 16 fun and unique maps, challenging game modes, and online multiplayer! Now, we are truly blessed! GK: FR is the multiplayer version, the one I much prefer, although in the Garfield Fandom, it does not really matter which one you pick, but I can still agree that the original is better… just is, no other way around it.

Graphics & Art
From what Garfield Kart players can tell... yeh this game has stunning graphics, and in my opinion, no other game has managed to top it. Some games come close; however, they fail in comparison when held next to this masterpiece of a game. Comparing its excellency to that of a God’s would be an understatement. The artwork since the original Garfield Kart has, without a doubt improved majorly, this really made us GK fans lust for the opportunity to get our hands-on Furious Racing!

The soundtrack, much like rest of the game, is literally out of this world… yes, I believe there exists another world, that is made entirely out of lasagna. The music is composed by some of the greatest artists of our time, we should truly be thankful. This absolute jammer features an OST consisting of 16 brilliant and unique tunes for each map and including an additional menu theme, and an exclusive soundtrack only available for the 3Ds, making the lasagna really stand out in the racing game genre. The way I see it, no other game can manage to keep up. Each song really sets your mind in the mood to keep playing and shows you how well their music works well for that map. My absolute favourite has got to be ‘Country Bumpkin’ due to its crazy style and blasting volume it really helps block out the noise from my dad shouting at my mum for not buying him the correct Garfield Body Pillow. Please help me I can still hear the GK Menu Theme as I schleep. =w=

Replay Value
I play this game in my schleep.

Overall Verdict
As far as memes go, it is surprisingly good. It is a decent kart game, and some of the maps are fun. It is not great, mind you, but if you want a Mario Kart clone that can run on a potato, this is the game for you. Garfield Kart: FR is worth every penny, so please, submit to Garfield…

Garfield Kart In general has really helped with my mental health, whenever I feel sad or lonely, I know Garfield is always gonna be there. Every time I play this game, I feel a little bit happy, yes, a little bit. In today’s current era it is hard to show even a glimpse of happiness, hope or honesty, but Garfield Kart truthfully sets my mind at ease, like listening to its soundtrack or playing casually. I would sincerely like to thank Artefacts Studio for blessing this world with its creation. Love You Garf <3

Overall Score: 10/10

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