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Haley Haley Joel Osment [www.imdb.com]

One of the best talented young actors in last two decades. He subsequently appeared in leading roles in several high-profile Hollywood films including The Sixth Sense [www.imdb.com] and Artificial Intelligence: AI [www.imdb.com] also becoming the second-youngest performer ever to receive an Academy nomination for a supporting role.

Rink Jett Rink [www.imdb.com]

The name of a supporting Character from Giant [www.imdb.com] which is an epic portrayal of a powerful Texas ranching family challenged by changing times and the coming of big oil.

Jett Rink is performed by James Dean [www.imdb.com] a legendary film star and a cultural icon of the United States in 1950s. He had major roles in only three movies East of Eden [www.imdb.com] Rebel Without a Cause [www.imdb.com] and Giant [www.imdb.com] cause his very brief career and aged 24.


1897 represent the film director Frank Capra(1897–1991) [www.imdb.com] from the golden age of Hollywood. He is the first one to reveal American Dream in his several masterpieces including It Happened One Night [www.imdb.com] Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [www.imdb.com] and It's a Wonderful Life [www.imdb.com]

It's a Wonderful Life [www.imdb.com] [/i] considers to be the most inspirational American movies of all time and also my favorites:redrose:
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This is a global guide for Melee Zer0: you will find detailed informations about leveling up a melee Zer0 from lvl 1 to 50, basic tactic, basic playstyle, skill descriptions, game mechanics and step-by-step videos.
The last part will cover endgame gear an
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